Where to find dance classes for boys near Greenville, SC


Do you have a boy who loves to dance? It can be difficult to be the only boy in a dance class, and as a result, many boys don’t want to try a dance class. But Kidding Around’s Melanie Coblentz has found a few studios in Spartanburg and Greenville that offer dance lessons only for boys. Below is a list of places where boys will find dance lessons just for them.

Give your son the gift of dancing

Justin timberlake
Max & Val Chmerkovskiy

If you recognize any of the names on this list, it’s probably for their dancing skills. Their impressive dancing skills.

As adults, we all want to impress on the dance floor at weddings and other events. Why not give your son the gift of dancing from an early age? Whether they continue with dance lessons at a professional level, the things they learn can be applied elsewhere.

Exclusive dance lessons for boys

Most dance studios accept boys in any class they offer, but having an all-boys class helps some boys learn better. My son took dance lessons at several different studios for half of his life. We have found that he receives more attention and instruction in boys-only classes.

Dancing offers so many benefits:

  • For a child interested in sports, it offers agility and so many other things that can be applied elsewhere.
  • Dancing can help teach your child about self-confidence. Nothing is more awesome to girls than a boy who knows what he’s doing on the dance floor!
  • Dancing teaches musicality if they are interested in playing a musical instrument.

If dancing is something your son is passionate about, the opportunities are endless. Scholarships, grants and other opportunities are almost thrown on male dancers because there are so few of them.

Studios in Spartanburg with dance lessons for boys only

3D Arts Center | 9133 Warren H Abernathy Highway, Spartanburg

My son is in his 3rd year at 3D Center of the Arts, LLC! We love it!

Genevieve C

Connection dance backstage | 3236 Parris Bridge Road, Boiling Springs

Emmanuel Arts | 19 Main Street North, Inman

  • Contact them to discuss the boy class option. There has been one in the past, it just depends on the interest from season to season.

Studios in Greenville with dance lessons for boys only

International Ballet Academy | 1018 South Batesville Road, Greer

Dance without limits | 115 Pelham Road – Suite 24, Greenville

Studios in the upstate that offer inclusive classes

These studios offer classes where boys are taught alongside girls, but boys always receive the same attention in teaching.

Carolina Dance Collaborative | Classes at YMCA sites in the Upstate

InInternational dance academy | 1225 Pendleton Street – Suite 8, Greenville

  • It offers a diverse selection of classes in Partnership Dance Style Bachata, Folklorico Ballet, Hip Hop, and Latin Ballroom.

If a school you’re interested in isn’t listed here, call them and talk to them. If no one ever asks for boys-only classes, the studios won’t offer them. It can’t hurt to ask!

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