UMD students taking virtual dance lessons at home


DULUTH, MN – While students learn their daily lessons online, some also try to take virtual dance lessons.

A modern dance technique is offered at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and students dance at home while taking online classes with their instructor.

Professor Rebecca Katz Harwood says the loss of the studio environment and face-to-face interaction has been a real obstacle.

She added that although it is a difficult time for everyone, she teaches her five students to look at the glass as half full.

“I think the challenge of being able to give feedback, which you can normally do more transparently in real time now, has become a task or a task, so I’m just thinking of navigating and finding what’s best.” Katz Harwood said.

Students say they were hesitant at first, especially trying to figure out how to make enough space in their homes.

They also said it challenged them to work on time management. A student in the class says “it was actually quite fun”.

“It’s pretty fun to bring dancing to my house and share it with my family and have my dogs run while I dance, it’s obviously really wonderful to be in the studio, but there is also positive to be at home, “added Noëlle Kedrowski.

Katz Harwood says that you too can learn to dance at home.

She suggested to check where you can learn or create dances to share with your community.


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