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By MICHELLE LOVE | Personal editor

PELHAM- Those looking for a place to put their dancing shoes on will be delighted to step through the doors of Pelham’s Twist Ballroom on Pelham Parkway.

The dance studio, which opened in December 2021, offers a variety of different dance classes for dancers of all levels, and owner Lorie Flanegan said the studio’s goal is simple: she wants to share her passion for dancing with others.

Flanegan is originally from Andalucia, but she has been dancing all her life and worked at Champion Latin and Ballroom in Vestavia for eight years before it closed. She had tried to venture out and open a studio with a partner, but then became pregnant with twins and plans were put on hold. After a while, she started teaching at the Pelham Rec Center, and she said her classes continued to grow enough that she felt she had enough momentum to open her own studio.

She chose Pelham because she has several students from the Vestavia and Alabaster areas, and she wanted to find a place that was a good middle ground so people didn’t have to travel long distances for classes. of dance. So far everyone has been very happy with the studio and its location.

“My goal is to bring dance back into the community,” she said. “It hasn’t been a thing for 50 or 60 years, and I want to bring dance back into the mainstream. As far as my students are concerned, I want them to feel comfortable and confident in dancing, and I don’t want them to feel intimidated.

Flanegan teaches waltz, foxtrot and your other standard dances in group and private lessons. Class sizes vary depending on the day, ranging from 4 to 15 people. She said any hesitation about joining a dance class because you may not think you’re dancing or don’t have a partner is quickly dissuaded from her classes.

She said she wanted to provide a welcoming atmosphere where everyone in attendance encourages each other to be the best dancer they can be. This is one of the reasons she loves teaching beginners – so she can see the success in their face when they complete a step correctly.

“When I started doing [dance], I started taking a class and I didn’t know what to expect, so I was very scared and intimidated,” she said. “I thought the ballroom was stuffy, you know? This is not the case, however. All of my expectations were completely wrong when I arrived at my first class, so I want everyone to feel the same way I did.

When asked what she loves about ballroom dancing, Flanegan took a deep breath.

“That’s a great question,” she laughed. “When I started, ballroom dancing was a completely different kind of dance than I had ever experienced, and it’s one of those things where there’s always something to learn. Don’t just hit a certain level and then you’re done. The learning never stops.

The Twist Ballroom is located at 3117 Pelham Pkwy. For more information, visit the Twist Ballroom Facebook page.


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