Top 7 Dance Classes in Ludhiana with Location and Full Details


Ludhiana is one of the largest cities in Punjab and also ranks high in the performing arts list among other cities. Naturally, there are many dance academies for dance lessons in Ludhiana where one can learn the moves from professionals. Dance is an art form like any other in which many people have chosen to express themselves. So, we at Chandigarh Metro have decided to compile a list of the best and most popular dance classes in Ludhiana.

Broadway Dance Institute

Touted as one of the best dance academies in and around Ludhiana, the Broadway dance institute is sometimes also referred to as Remo Academy. They are known to train both amateurs and skilled people, from children to adults. Even if you know a thing or two about dancing, the dance teachers at this academy can help you learn your skills. Located in the heart of the city of Ludhiana, these dance classes manage to attract quite a few people to their doorstep.

Address: Mohan Plaza, Baba Deep Singh Chowk, near Gas Pump, Model City Extension. Ludhiana, Punjab 141002

Contact: 0161 653 1999

DanceVilla, Ludhiana

Another big name when it comes to dance academies in Ludhiana, DanceVilla trains both beginners and professionals. It was created by director Lucky Thukral who has been in the business for a good part of a decade and it is under his supervision that the teachers operate in this dance institute in Ludhiana. Where they take things a notch higher is that they also conduct tests to accomplish the progress a student has made. From Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Salsa and B-Boying, if we were to write the full list of dance forms they teach, it would take another article on its own.

Address: 400/1, 2nd Floor, Ghumar Mandi, Khalsa College Road, above Keshav Sweets & Grace Beauty Parlor, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 098550 35234


The Dancing Spirits of RB Saroj Khan

If you want to learn from the best, this academy in Ludhiana is what you should be looking for. They have the best dance teachers in town who are always looking to nurture young talent. Located in the Ghumar Mandi area, they have ensured that they are centrally located and easier to access even in the crowded town of Ludhiana. The dance forms they teach range from Indian Classical to Modern which means they can teach you most any move you are looking for.

Address: 30, Maya Nagar, Backside Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 098885 77777

Sangita Performing Arts Studio, Ludhiana

A quick Google search and you will realize how much the people of Ludhiana love and adore Sangita Performing Arts Studio. Dancing is literally revered here as a few people who came here to learn dancing as a hobby ended up taking a master’s degree in dancing. For everything from ballet to salsa, Sangita Dance Academy has you covered.

Address: 307C, BRS Nagar Main Road, near Community Center, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 098724 97965

Ecstasy: the dance studio

Launched by the talented Gautam Sharma, Ecstasy Dance Studio is located in the posh localities of Model Town Extention, Ludhiana. Ecstasy has been one of the hottest names when it comes to dance academies in the city and the people he has trained are just proof of that. He teaches a variety of dance forms and ensures that fitness is your priority as well. Gatam is the reason why many beginners choose dance as their main art form in Ludhiana.

Address: SCO 23, 2nd Floor, Model City Extension, Model City, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 098882 06852

Studio X Factor, Ludhiana

One of the lesser-heard names on the list, Studio X Factor makes up for in quality what it loses in popularity. They have been producing some of Ludhiana’s best known dancers for a few years and are pretty focused on their goal. Located in a prestigious area of ​​Sarabha Nagar, this dance academy in Ludhiana ensures that your children receive the individual attention they deserve so that their weaknesses are corrected.

Address: 65 Malhar Road, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 0161 462 9984

Footloose Personal Training Studio

If you are one of those who believe in the art of dancing to stay in shape, Footloose Personal Training Studio is the place you need to check out for yourself. There have been testimonials for the academy that claim to have lost up to 5 kilograms of weight in less than a month. If you love dancing and are also looking for ways to stay in shape, we urge you to put your money on those dance lessons in Ludhiana rather than a gym. Bhangra is the main art form they teach in order to maintain a balance between physical fitness and learning to dance. This cannot be disputed since we all know the type of movement required by Bhnagra, it cannot be matched by any other dance form.

Address: Rajguru Nagar Rd, Rajguru Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141012

Contact: 89688 85640

The Ludhianvis are a group of enthusiasts and these dance classes mentioned above only keep it alive. Some of them teach beginners looking to utilize the extra time of the day while some of them have been known to produce extremely professional dancers over the past few years. It doesn’t matter if you plan to send your kids here or enroll instead, these dance academies based in Ludhiana have you covered for all your dancing needs.

It is surprising to know the wide catalog that some of these places offer, which is almost on par with metropolitan cities. From the popular Bhartnatyam and Kathakali, today one can enroll in a class in B-Boying, Breakdance, Hip-Hop and many other dance forms. Some of these places like DanceVilla Academy in Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana can teach sophisticated dance forms like ballet which were frankly unheard of in the city until recent years. Also, these dance academies assure you to maintain a healthy life with one hour lesson.

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