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Dancing is the ultimate form of sophistication, they say, and to help you master this beautiful art form, Jalandhar’s 5 best dance classes are here to help. Dancing is one of those things that not only soothes the body and calms the soul, but is also one of the greatest forms of happiness for an individual. For a dancer, there is nothing better and more magnificent than dancing to your own tunes with perfection.

If you really like to dance hard but you don’t have that perfect and tinted mastery, you can get the help of 5 best dance lessons from Jalandhar which will not only take you through the dance journey but also help and process that passion for dancing that lies within you properly. The dance institutes of Jalandhar indulge in offering a wide variety of dance classes to the people of Jalandhar to help them channel the energy and thus pursue and grow in the talented field of dance.

Deep’s Super Dance Academy

When it comes to the best dance schools in Jalandhar, you definitely cannot miss Deep’s Super Dance Academy. Deep Super Dance Academy in Jalandhar deals with the training of the different dance forms of the students like Western dance, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Salsa training and much more. A specialist in the field of rendering dance lessons, this institute in Jalandhar is a leading name in the competition. This dance academy in Jalandhar is known for providing a superb facility for training in different dance forms. You can also learn ballet dancing at Deep’s Super Dance Academy in Jalandhar. The trainers of this dance class in Jalandhar tried to identify all the needs of their students and teach them how to dance accordingly.

Address: SCF 62, Urban Estate, Phase-1, Jalandhar, Punjab

Contact details: 076963-40326

Mona Dance Academy

Mona Dance Academy located in Jalandhar, Punjab is another dance institute that is dedicated to teaching a wide variety of dance forms to chart topping Bollywood songs. Apart from teaching a variety of dance options, this dance institute in Jalandhar also has the ability to choreograph school functions as well as corporate events with zeal and enthusiasm. Summer camps are also organized by Mona Dance Academy in Jalandhar which offers dance and drawing lessons to develop the child’s interest in various fields. Different batches are taken at different times to do full justice to the zeal of the students to learn the dance of this dance class in Jalandhar.

Address: 140, Deep Nagar, near BhimJi Palace, Jalandhar, Punjab

Contact details: 098554-06014

Studio Antara, Jalandhar

Studio Antara is one of the best dance institutes located in Jalandhar, Punjab that offers a wide variety of services with the help of the most efficient professionals. From dance and choreography classes to creative arts and life coaching, you can experience it all at Studio Antara in Jalandhar. It is a platform for students of all age groups to engage, discover and express their level of creativity. The trainers at this dance institute in Jalandhar are what the students need to nurture their talent and help it develop properly. Kathak, Bollywood, Salsa, etc. are all taught in this dance school in Jalandhar. A batch of highly experienced and qualified dance trainees are present at Studio Antara in Jalandhar. This dance school in Jalandhar also offers the advantage of wedding choreography whose quality also justifies the reputation that this dance institute has created for itself in Jalandhar.

Address: #4, Cantt Road, near St. Joseph’s Convent School for Girls, Jalandhar, Punjab

Contact details: 098555-62734

Best Dance Institute, Jalandhar

Many dance schools have been established in Jalandhar and are known to provide training and courses in the field of dance. But, the best dance institute in North India justifies its name by offering the best results in terms of teaching students the best in terms of dance. This dynamic institute values ​​the presence of each student and therefore, with the help of professionals specialized in the field of dance, offers the best form of learning to the students and sharpens their dance skills. Also, this dance school in Jalandhar boosts the confidence level of the students in their performance, which in turn is a great boost in making room for the hidden talent that is prevalent in many students.

Address: 190-I, Second Floor, Model Town Market, Jalandhar, Punjab

Contact details: 0181-507-9292

Academy of Dance Classes in Jalandhar

Academy of Dance Classes in Jalandhar is another dance institute known for offering classes for many different dance forms. This dance institute in Jalandhar offers a very friendly atmosphere to its students so that they enjoy learning and do not take it as a burden. The main objective is to help students learn the essence of the dance so that they give it the best shot. From basic level of dance training to high level training with a lot of advancement, this dance institute in Jalandhar teaches students all that is needed to be a good and satisfied dancer.

Address: Shop No.8, Golden Avenue Phase-2, near Diamond Property Dealership, Jalandhar, Punjab

Contact details: 099881-87531

There is a very famous saying that there is no value in knowledge until it is shared. This also applies to dancing. Top 5 dance classes in Jalandhar fulfill the requirement of having the best mentors in order to excel in the field of dance. These dance institutes in Jalandhar provide dance training in different forms as well as indulge in personality development and grooming of individuals so that they grow while learning how to dance. Moreover, these dance institutes in Jalandhar are a great way to help the students to have self-confidence and work properly in order to increase their talents and find out the hidden ones.

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