The Misunderstood Hero “by Giannis Kostaras returns to the Théâtre du Jour


“Whenever I want I am an angel and whenever I want hell”, George Karaiskakis

The historical drama “Karaiskakis: the misunderstood hero”Of Giannis Kostaras, a production of Creatists directed by Manos Antoniou, after his successful summer tour in some resorts in Greece, returns to Theater of the day for 6 unique performances from Wednesday 5 January 2022 and every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m.

Internationally renowned accordion musician and soloist appear on stage Zoe Tiganouria and the composer Stelios General

A few words about the project:
The show speaks the life and work of Georgios Karaiskakis, pioneer of the Greek Revolution. The peculiarity of the work is that the main character, Karaiskakis, is presented in writing without any mood of embellishment and heroisation, but his approach is based on sociological and psychological elements, the result of months of research on his face, who gave the project the possibility of including scenes that bring real events to life with their originality dialogues written in spoken language of the Revolution.

The show also works with me other arts in addition to acting, which in perfect harmony with the direction of Manos Antonios balances symbolism and realism. The character is created from the form of the narrator in the work “Karaïskakis” once like ”angel” and sometimes like ” Devil ” combines black and white, light and dark. The staging analyzes the second and third semantic levels of the work, without relying on a superficial form of the hero, but traversing the viewer from 1821 to the present day through semantic concepts and mood lighting. the music and the songs of the show are signed by the internationally renowned accordionist and soloist Zoe Tiganouria.

The play “Karaiskakis – The misunderstood hero” by Giannis Kostaras, was released by Papadimitropoulos publications.

Directed by Manos Antoniou
The play “Karaiskakis – The misunderstood hero” was built on a triple axis: value, history and sociological-dramatic. Initially, there was a written desire to capture and transmit certain values, as well as the “fearless” character of Karaiskakis to people today, which is based on nihilism and debauchery.

Then, due to studies and interests on the part of the creator, weight was given, by a careful study of the sources of the time, to the rebirth of events and sounds, be it language or songs included in the plot, which have become almost unknown today. . Of course, because the main focus from the start was not ethics, rationalism or the “hollow” national uprising, in addition to unknown aspects of the Greek Revolution are revealed, but also of the life of Karaiskakis for that they end with his sentence which haunts everyone. work “Whenever I want I am an angel, whenever I want I am hell” in the dipole of this character, of the Greeks as a nation, as well as of each individual, one would say; , and as the predominant one of Kordatos, which set a more social tone.

The identity of the show

“Karaiskakis: the misunderstood hero”
Historical drama – musical-theatrical
Duration: 100 minutes

Writing – Historical research: Giannis Kostaras
Directed by: Manos Antoniou
Soundtrack: Zoi Tiganouria – Stelios Generalis
Dance education: Mika stefanaki
Sets: Costas Zografopoulos
Disguises: Magda Kalemi
Assistant Director: Thanasis Skopas

The actors perform: Makis Arvanitakis, Giannis Kostaras, Konstantinos Spyropoulos, Iordanis Kalesis, Thanasis Skopas.
In his role Karaiskaki ?? Manos Antoniou. In his role Golf ?? Ioanna Pilichou and Nina Foskolou and in his role Mario ?? Filitsa Kalogerakou.

On stage Stage musicians: Zoi Tiganouria, Stelios Generalis

Pictures: Culture Press
Production organization: Creators – Katerina Haska

Day and time of the show:
Each Wednesday at 20:15 for 6 performances
First: Wednesday 5 January 2021
Arriving time: 20:00

Ticket price:
Normal: 12 euros
Reduced (Unemployed, Handicapped, Students, Older Children): 10 euros

Ticket presale: Ticketing

Theater of the day
N. Gennimata 20, Athens 11524

For the conduct of the show, the necessary protective measures against Covid-19 are applied in space, as well as the protocol which requires entry only with a certificate of vaccination or illness.


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