The magic of Latin and ballroom dancing


Ballroom dancing is an art form that anyone, regardless of age and level of fitness, can learn, enjoy, and benefit from.

From the earliest recorded history, we have known dance either in celebration or in worship. It’s more than just a hobby – it’s the essence of who we are and what our true nature represents. Dancing is the strongest feeling inside. In a sense, you could say it was born in our souls. The desire to dance well is within all of us and it’s usually a person’s journey from emotion to movement. Dance is not a reflection of life, but a fundamental human expression of life itself. It is an expression that is inextricably linked to the subtle nuances of life.

Ballroom dancing is the most artistic of social pastimes and the most social of artistic pastimes. In all countries and all societies, dance is an integral part of the way of life. While the initial motivation to dance is often social, once past the hurdle of learning to dance, many find music, atmosphere and dance as an opportunity to take on a new personality. In an instant, the dancer can be transported mentally and emotionally into almost any scenario of their choice: an elegant gala ball in Vienna, a fun evening dance on the Caribbean islands, a bullfight in Valencia or even in a street bar. . in Buenos Aires. Yes, dance does indeed have that element of make-believe and imagination so strongly linked to it.

The Imperial Society of Dance Teachers (ISTD) and the Ballroom Dancing Association (BDA), two world-renowned organizations known for establishing rules and regulations for various dance styles, have divided ballroom dancing into two main categories, to know standard and Latin American ballroom dancing. Dance.

In the Standard category we have the graceful waltz and the Viennese waltz, the romantic Foxtrot, the energetic quickstep and the passionate but angry Tango. In the Latin American category we have Sultry Rumba, Cheeky Cha Cha, Fun Jive, Festive Samba and Paso Doble, a fight on the dance floor.

Whatever musical tastes or individual preferences, the variety of ballroom dancing ensures that there is always something for everyone at all times. In romance and affairs of the heart, ballroom dancing is a wonderful way to express your emotions. Express your love through Rumba or Waltz, tease your loved one with villainous Cha Cha, show your annoyance with Tango and if you want to fight there is nothing better than a Paso Doble. This is why it is said that the ballroom is a style of dancing where you have “a dance for every mood”, so you should never complain that you are not in the mood to dance.

Usually our moods also vary during the same day depending on the state of mind, environment, atmosphere and company we find ourselves in. Dancing to great music with electrifying rhythm and tempo can change the mood and transform our mood to a great extent.

Ballroom dancing is an art form that anyone, regardless of age and level of fitness, can learn, enjoy, and benefit from. All you need is a strong urge and regular practice. Young / old, healthy / weak love music, if taken seriously it can give a young person as much physical exercise as they want. Quick ballroom dances like Jive, Paso Doble, Samba, Quickstep, and Viennese Waltz are as good, if not better, than a regular aerobic workout. Records show that a ballroom dance class can burn up to 600-800 calories in an hour. For middle-aged or busy working people, dances like cha cha, waltz, and tango can provide effective exercise without being too strenuous, and act as a stress reliever and relax them.

For people with health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetics, knee / back pain, or in some cases even heart problems, dances like Rumba and Foxtrot can act as natural healers. These dances are just simple, rhythmic and graceful walks that help them stay healthy, relaxed and calm.

Regular ballroom dancing certainly helps improve social life. It instills the aura of grace, poise, elegance and sense of balance in the body, thus improving body posture. In fact, the medical profession also recommends ballroom dancing for people with poor body postures, in order to improve posture and positioning of the spinal cord. An individual with a regal gait is undoubtedly magnetic and attracts attention at any social gathering. Adulation and appreciation develop a special feeling, which improves the personality and makes the person confident. Going out dancing with like-minded people turns inhibited and introverted individuals into outgoing and confident human beings who are completely rejuvenated and refreshed.

Many dance schools and studios as well as dance also teach dance floor etiquette, social graces, and good manners, which aids in overall personality development. Ballroom dancing is also a great way to learn the social intricacies, which are so important to moving around in a polite society. The 10 styles of ballroom dancing come from different parts of the world. They have interesting cultures, lifestyles and stories to tell, helping people to interact meaningfully, especially when traveling abroad.

With international and Latin American standard ballroom dance competitions now part of the Olympic Games, these styles are all set to inspire and reach an even wider audience and achieve even greater popularity not only through competitive dance. , but also through local dance schools, events and parties. Therefore, it is advised and recommended by the medical profession that people of all ages, backgrounds and job profiles learn to dance, as it is an easy way to stay fit, relax, make new friends and lose their inhibitions. Above all, it’s pure pleasure! The sooner you learn to dance, the longer you enjoy it. By learning the right techniques, it won’t be long before you can say in a real sense that “We’ve had a ball of time.”

Sandip Soparrkar is a well-known ballroom dancer and Bollywood choreographer who has received the National Achievement Award and the National Excellence Award from the Government of India. He can be reached on [email protected]

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