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When music is all around you, it almost feels like a future career within it seems inevitable. It’s rarely that simple, and it’s even rarer to find some success within it. Houston rapper Sally Sossa, 20, experienced both. During a childhood filled with family rap battles at home – where she shone – and her flourishing basketball skills, Sally could have gone both ways when it came to her next step in life. , but chose to rap. She once beat her brother in a rap battle at just 11 and eventually started recording in the studio at 16.

Sally went full steam ahead with her hip-hop dreams after that. She has been releasing mixtapes since the age of 17. Three years later, this work has paid off. In 2020, the rising rhymer had a conversation with a friend whose family member worked at Atlantic Records, which was a way to get her music flowing. From there, Sally joined a management team, one member of which served as a bodyguard for French Montana and Lil Durk. The two rappers became the first supporters of his talent. These co-signings helped her get noticed by major labels, and Sally signed to Interscope Records last May.

Listen to the music of Sally Sossa and you will hear stories of love, survival and happiness wherever you are. She is a melodic rapper who is very attentive to her narration and the feelings it arouses. Last year, “Star Song” with Lil Durk was her very first track to make millions – audio on YouTube currently has 5.7 million views and her Spotify streams exceed 18 million. “I think you are perfect / You are a star (Star) / You are one in a million / I have met a lot of people, but no one gave me that feeling,” she sings to a beat. on the guitar.

Following the attention paid to the track and the release of his first major effort, Sossa’s life, she kept busy this year by dropping the visual of “Right My Wrongs” with Toosii, and several new songs, including the piano banger “Back From the Dead”, some freestyles and her “Weird 2 Me” influenced by the rap from Detroit. “

Now Sally is preparing for a new project, which she describes as “must-see”. Her next single, “Eternity”, will be released later this month. Learn more about Sally Sossa’s life in this week’s edition of The break.

Age: 20

Hometown: Houston

I grew up listening to: “I grew up listening to Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj. I was on P! Nk. [Lil] Durk, of course. I’ll say Lil Wayne. “

My style has been compared to: “People don’t really compare me, but I’ve heard a few ‘Oh, she looks like DeJ Loaf’, but that’s really it. They don’t really compare me other than that or they say I’m ‘The voice feminine. ‘”

I’m going to explode because: “I feel what shows me where I am now, the moves I’m doing right now, everything I have in motion with myself, my team. I just feel like we’re on the right track because I’m still on. getting my name known and a lot of people still getting to know me and they are still getting to know my music and my sound. And I feel that everything is going well at the moment because my project fell. It made over 2 million of streams. So I just feel like now with the trajectory … I feel like everything is fine right now. I mean, I couldn’t be happier. I’m just trying to keep working harder .”

What’s your sleepiest song and why? : “I think a lot of my music may be asleep right now, but I think I’ll just say what Future said. He said,” Once my work catches up to my value, then I know that I did it. ‘These are times when you work, work, work, work, a lot of people haven’t heard everything you are working on. You give up on a project, they don’t hear it all, but once you get it all set, get flows and everything like that, I feel like it’s all going to catch up. So I’ll say it’s slept, but I feel like everyone is about to wake up. “

My most significant records to date have been: “My biggest records to date are ‘A Letter to the Streets’, ‘Who You Are’, ‘Star Song’ and ‘GMFU’ and ‘100 Flows’. These songs, they give off a lot of energy. the diversity. Some of these records are song-rap records, melodies. It gives off a vibe. You feel my pain, you feel my emotion, you feel everything. And then I have my rap records where we hang out , we’re on. It’s just a whole different vibe. So I’m able to give off different vibes. And I think that’s why they all followed what they did. “

My highlights so far have been: “I would say I signed during a pandemic because it’s not that often that happens to people and it’s certain times and opportunities when things couldn’t have gone the way they did. , but they did it for a reason. I just felt if it was It wasn’t supposed to happen, it wouldn’t have happened. It was a cool day. My A&R was going to call me shortly. So I was sitting in the kitchen and I had so many nerves and emotions going through my body, but they were all good nerves. It was all good energy. It was all the positivity. J just felt that from that day forward the rest of my life was about to change. “

Most people don’t know: “I can draw very well. I can draw very well. I’m really good at art. Sculpting, drawing. I’m good at that too. Music and art are kind of connected with me. Oh, and I’m funny . “

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Stand out:

“Star Song” with Lil Durk

“Right My Wrongs” with Toosii

“Weird 2 me”

Sossa’s life

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