Telford Academy of Performing Arts launches virtual dance classes


Ben anderson

Ben Anderson, owner of the 7 Academy of Performing Arts in Telford, has gone from onsite classes to pre-recorded online classes, as well as live, real-time classes.

“Normalcy for our students is our number one priority during this time,” he said.

“Our students are delighted to see their teachers on television.

“The smiles on the faces of the little ones are priceless as they can’t wait to show us their favorite teddy bears or introduce us to their pets.

“These are all things that really allow us to continue to interact personally with our students.

Ben anderson

“Our families can be a testament to the strong community we’ve built at 7 Academy, so it was a pretty smooth transition to keep the connection online.”

7 Academy, which caters to children from the age of two, has been in existence since 2016 and has grown into a leading dance and musical theater center for recreational and competitive students.

Students performed at local venues and events.

“Our staff have been fantastic,” said Ben.

“We have worked tirelessly since the government announced new isolation measures to launch this whole new way of delivering classes.

“The more physical activity we can provide, the better our children will be able to concentrate academically.

Ben anderson

“Also, we want to give our parents some time to catch up.

“Our parents are the real stars here. They became home teachers overnight while working from home and managing a household without interruption.

“We want to help them catch their breath by providing extra activities for the kids. If we can keep our dancers busy for an extra 10-30 minutes several times a week, then mom and dad can throw in a load of laundry, make the next meal. or just breathe for a few minutes.

“We are very touched by the overwhelming positive response from parents who send, call and post gratitude messages on Facebook. “

Online dance subscriptions are available by contacting 7 Academy at [email protected] or through its social networks.


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