Storybook Ballet Owner Helps Young People Discover the Beauty of Ballet Dance | Local government


How can ballet, or dance more generally, help a child’s development?

I think there are so many benefits to studying ballet for children. The non-physical benefits, I would say, would be the focus, listening skills, discipline, etiquette, body awareness, spatial awareness, musicality, and then the physical aspects, of course, learning our body, building strength, strengthening coordination, flexibility, and then with all this teaches children the beauty of ballet, the history of ballet, the traditions of ballet.

What is the advantage of starting ballet at such a young age?

We are definitely saying that all 3 are not in one place to start the ballet class, but we start working on the fundamentals right away, but in a very creative environment. This fosters their love of movement, which is very inherent in children. Kids love to move, so we take that and we try to foster that and teach them ballet, and learn to move their bodies, and we start to build the basics of classical ballet. As they get a little older, we work more in classical ballet. At 3 years old, you also work a lot on motor skills and listening.

What other aspects of your ballet teaching philosophy would you like to describe?

We focus on technique, we focus a lot on etiquette, our ballet class manners, respect for the teacher, respect for the ballet studio. We end with what’s called a curtsy, and that’s when you do curtsies and greetings at the end of the class, and we applaud, and that’s a way of showing respect to your teacher and your students. classmates at the end of the course. They do things like take their turn, learn not to speak when the teacher is speaking, and then we also have the fairy tale component, which is a whole other component, where we expose them to fairy tales, stories. that they may not have heard before. We take these stories and bring them to life with our acting, our dances and our costumes.


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