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JACKSON, Wyo.—Maybe you have fond memories of dancing as a child, or do you feel a rush of curiosity when you see a ballet dancer jumping and bending over? At Dancers’ Workshop, we believe the magic and joy of dance isn’t just for young people or professionals. Dancing has the power to have a myriad of positive effects on your physical and mental health, regardless of your age or previous experience!

As the seasons begin to change, what better time to incorporate a new form of movement into your fitness lineup? Exploring the world of dance will reward you more deeply than you can imagine. Not only will you improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility and endurance, but you will also gain balance, spatial awareness and motor precision. Along with this mountain of physical benefits, you might also enjoy more energy, clarity, happiness, and improved memory. Ready to get started?

Register now for our modern dance workshop for adults — led by the phenomenal Charlotte Landreau. An ideal class for beginners, Charlotte will teach students the rudimentary movements that are the foundation of classical modern dance focusing on contractions, spirals, basic floor work and the basic concepts of space, time and of strength. There are plenty of studies that support this dance exploration – even if you’ve never tried it before! – offers a whole series of physical and emotional bonuses.

Beginning February 28, the Adult Modern Workshop will meet every Monday at 5:15 p.m. in Studio 3 for five consecutive weeks. “Looking for a fun dance class after a long day at work? Look no further!” says Charlotte. “Grab a friend or two who are also curious about dance and come experience a new way to move and improve your overall well-being.”

Places are limited and online pre-registration is preferred or call (307) 733-6398. Book your place now!

If your interest in incorporating dance into your fitness repertoire is piqued, be sure to also check out our ballet classes for adults! The ballet, offered every Tuesday and Thursday evening, focuses on learning the correct execution of movement, building strength and flexibility. Whether you’re brand new to ballet or it’s been years (or decades) since you’ve taken a class, this is the perfect class to slip into this joyful and rewarding mode of expression and movement. !


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