Shumka will present dance classes Silver Swans & Seniors Can Shumka


Shumka will again be offering its popular adult classes, Shumka’s Silver Swans and Seniors Can Shumka. Registration is now open.

Shumka’s Silver Swans is an opportunity for adults of all ages to enjoy safe and inclusive ballet and movement lessons, and experience first-hand the benefits of dance for improving health and well-being.

Seniors Can Shumka has been a hit since its debut in 2016, offering seniors the opportunity to enjoy Ukrainian music and movement in a weekly entertainment and fitness program, and seniors complete the program by learning and performing their own dance. All levels of mobility are accepted and adapted.

Quotes from our current and past participants:

Thank you very much for welcoming me so well. I was really reluctant to come at first. Now I can’t wait to be in class. It was incredibly joyful!!! This is my happy place. Shumka’s spirit dances from the heart…and leads by example. What a gift to take advantage of this opportunity to dance. Watch a sample lesson. Classes are taught by Tasha Orysiuk, Creative Director of Shumka and RAD Silver Swans Certified Instructor.

Shumka Silver Swans
January 10 to March 7, 2022
9:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.
Old people can Shumka!
January 10 to March 7, 2022
10.30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
To register, visit or call 780.455.9559.

Shumka means “whirlwind”, a powerful display of artistry, energy and emotion through dance. Over their 60-year history and decades of performances near and far, the whirlwind has truly brought together Ukrainian-Canadian heritage in the world and community.


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