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[By Austin Mbozi]

I propose two amendments to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) laws: First, District Commissioners (DCs) are to sit in CDF board meetings and report any suspects to the president. Second, the President is to create a State House Presidential Auditors Office whose auditors (after DC reports suspicions) must rush to check books, contracts, etc. of this advice. This allows the president to stop or suspend any potentially unnecessary CDFs. Zambia Local Government Workers Unified Union president Emmanuel Mwansa rightly suggested changes to the CDF law.

Let’s have four points in mind. First, the UPND is right to move the money of the “educated pests” from the cities to the communities: (a) Even if the villagers / the poor steal it or waste it, it will at least reduce their poverty. City parasites waste what they steal for luxury, b) it is easier to detect / stop a village CDF thief than it is to stop city thieves aided by lawyers who support the crooks, (c) this will encourage migration from cities to rural areas where this money will yield the most impact and (d) it will give MPs tangible / real work, not the garbage they do in parliament by endorsing only personal opinions of their respective party presidents. In addition, (e) he will avoid the egocentric opportunists of the UPND who want the favors of President HH. They take the personal president. Even before he was elected they were jealous that other people would access him without their approval, started showing a Kaiser Zulu type pomp towards their own old friends and immediately he was elected they started to claim credit for appointments made by the president, etc. Mwagunwa weelu (You are embarrassed)! Our smart president took the money out of this State House and brought it to us in Namayani village where you left us. Warning: stay in your chi town. Don’t swallow your saliva for our village CDF. My dear villagers, let’s dance ooli choolowe, nchibotu kuzyalwa Kubweengwa (Check out YouTube for this song). Tyola Kasolo!

Second, you, my fellow UPND supporters, must stop this arrogance of calling opposition leaders “bitter” when they warn that 25.7 million KC could be wasted. Was President HH bitter when he criticized PF? No. The opposition leaders own this money from the CDF. That is why President HH protects their free expression. Leaders like Highvie Hamududu, Fred M’membe, Wynter Kabimba, Peter Sinkamba and Sean Tembo have accomplished a lot in our private lives than many of us who voted UPND. They pay more taxes than we do. It is therefore their money, not ours, that the President allocated to us as CDF. Mwandini ba of the opposition, watch us and arrest us if we steal CDFs.

Third, African professors like Ali Mazrui and Patrick Lumumba are fooling you by saying that only your leaders are corrupt and incompetent. It’s Chinua Achebe and Chika Onyeani (Capitalist Nigger writer) who know you black people are to blame for your unproductive habits. Philosophers Plato (Greek) and John Stuart Mill (British) warned of mob rule: amoral / incompetent citizens voting for amoral / incompetent politicians who share the loot with them. President HH does not appear amoral / incompetent. But let’s face it: many UPND executives, boosted by former PF supporters, only voted for HH because the PF denied them a share of the booty. This is why they wanted to plunder the taxes of the market and, as President HH complained, they demanded DMMU jobs.

Fourth, let’s admit that we Africans introduced the CDF because we failed to reform our corrupt and incompetent government, political and civil service bureaucracies. We pretended to copy the British / American systems that expect an MP to just make national laws, approve budgets and press the executive to account. But our MPs campaign as regional state governors, promising infrastructure development. And our people, believing in such a mistake, vote against the deputies even when it comes to the executive. It is the public service that has failed. Thus, the deputies demand to control the liquidity through the council.

Let’s come back to my proposals. The DC will not debate, vote, or issue any instructions to council officials, but will simply observe and brief the chair. Under current laws, the president cannot know of council events. Members of Parliament are not accountable to the President and cannot be dismissed by him. However, the elected officials of the PF council have been adopted by and will obey the big PF thugs when they are in the council offices. Even some UPND deputies will personalize the CDF. Around the 2006 elections, villagers praised then-Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa, who was handing out CDF-funded soccer balls with his name written on them, condemning me for reporting it to the media. Current MP Mwabashika Nkulukusa looks decent, so far. But having spent his life in Lusaka, he doesn’t know which of the chief’s representatives he appointed under Local Government Act 11 (2018) sold land out of corruption, which church leader sinned or who stole the money from the local NGO “CCF”. “Local” entrepreneurs will also waste CDF. Katuba has many builders. But it does not have an office maker or road builder who will do the work “low cost,” “high quality” and “on time,” as local government minister Gary Nkombo pointed out. Many locals will fail to run the businesses funded by CDF. Worse yet, MPs have no legal power to oversee corrupt council officials.

A DC is a presidential eye, like Sir Evelyn Hone was when Kenneth Kaunda was Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia (1962). Kaunda controlled the government. But the governor watched, signaling to His Majesty if Kaunda was ignoring the rules of the British colony.

Waiting for annual audit reports from the Auditor General never reports stolen funds. Millions end up with “friends of PF thugs-thieves”. But they cry tribe. Can we stop hundreds of advisers when we find tuma 10 pins in the huts of their girlfriends? Their whole tribe will fight us! Presidents have created “supplier affairs” offices, “religious” offices, and so on. Why not this important office of the presidential auditor?

The author could become a Muchenje municipal councilor in Katuba constituency, making him the only UNZA speaker / councilor in Zambia. If an official is wasting from the CDF, call +260 978 741920. Email: [email protected]


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