Sean Spicer makes his ballroom debut


Sean Spicer (R), with his professional dance partner Lindsay Arnold in the “Dancing With the Stars” ballroom

WASHINGTON – He might be a regular on the halls of power in Washington, but when it comes to ballroom dancing, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer looks a bit, well, green.

The political communications specialist is practicing a different kind of rotation these days, and on Monday swapped the stilted suits he wore when going out to bat for President Donald Trump, for a flamboyant neon green shirt and white pants on. ” Dancing with the Stars. “

Spicer joined 11 other contestants in the ABC’s celebrity dance competition lineup, in a casting choice that sparked controversy when it was announced in August.

The former Trump aide opened his routine with a bongo drum solo before embarking on a choreographed dance routine with his professional partner Lindsay Arnold.

The salsa pair danced to the Spice Girls hit “Spice Up Your Life” – with Spicer sliding down the dance floor on his knees, hands outstretched above his head, for the grand finale.

While her heavy moves didn’t impress the judges, her outfit certainly caused a stir online. Several posts poking fun at her routine and her clothes, especially the plunging neckline of the shirt, quickly flooded social media.

“Ironically, that neon green ruffled shirt isn’t the most humiliating thing Sean Spicer has ever done in public,” one wag tweeted.

Spicer, 47, was Trump’s first press secretary. During his seven months in the post, he proved to be a controversial figure, clashing with the press over the scale of Trump’s inauguration and claiming that Adolf Hitler did not use chemical weapons. .

Even his White House colleagues said he used “alternative facts.”

He was spared neither by the press nor by the president, who have sometimes taken to Twitter to criticize him.

He left his post of press officer in July 2017.

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