Saudi Arabia’s MDLBEAST Soundstorm is the region’s answer to Tomorrowland


RIYAD: Thousands of festival-goers from all over the world flocked to the desert for MDLBEAST’s SANDSTORM in Ban Ban to express their passion for music.

DJ and producer Kayan, who performed during the four-day festival, shared with Arab News her take on connectivity and the power of music.

“There is so much magic in music, sound and connectivity, and how music can really help us feel certain things, inspire us and help us overcome certain emotions,” she said.

Whatever your age and preferred gender, there is something for every festival goer to enjoy at Ban Ban.

Festival goers from all over the world flocked to the desert for MDLBEAST’s SANDSTORM in Ban Ban to express their passion for music. (A photo by Saleh AlGhannam)

“I have always been deeply connected to music, music has always created a soundtrack in my life and creating stories and moments together through music is something that I really love and love to do” , explained the DJ.

Kayan specializes in electronic music with its DJing and production, mixing Eastern and Western sounds to create its distinctive style.

Her passion for music began when she learned to play the violin and through her radio work Kayan began to produce her own sound which has led her to perform in front of thousands of people.

“There is always this type of music that really resonates with everyone. For me, it’s always been electronic music because that’s what I’ve always loved, ”she told Arab News.

Kayan first collaborated with MDLBEAST during the Noor Riyadh Festival in 2021.

“We created something beautiful and magical together for the Noor Riyadh Festival. It has been such an honor to work with such a professional team of artists, ”she said.

“This is my second experience working with MDLBEAST. It’s pretty massive and it’s a dream come true. I am very honored to work with a professional team of national and international artists. I feel very lucky, happy and honored to be a part of her festival, ”she said.

SANDSTORM had eight different scenes, including BIG BEAST, DANCE BEAST, DWN BEAST, and four UNDERGROUND scenes. It also offered a private stage, with each section playing different genres for the enjoyment of all festival-goers.

Kayan performed on the UNDERGROUND 1 stage on Saturday and described her sound as heavy baselines incorporating many synthesizers that blend into a rhythmic melody, “it’s loud, powerful but still has a melodic mix”.

Kayan explained that his violin performances are improvised during the show, feeding off the emotions of the crowd.

“When I play the violin, I don’t have a song that I just memorized and that I come to play. I improvise how I feel at the moment and what the energy of the crowd is like. I study it and connect to it and it inspires my sound, ”she said.

The DJ added that sound has the power to bind emotions through sound waves. It is not just consecutive beats, it is a form of communication and linking of minds.

“Music affects the human mind like the brain, brain frequencies, heart rate, everything synchronizes with the speed of the music, which encourages the heart and brain to behave in a certain way, resulting in different emotions, ”she said.

“In an event or festival where you have five people listening to music at a speed – like the fast music that people enjoy here – imagine that they are all connected to one wave and one frequency at that particular moment.

Kayan also shared with Arab News the many artists she looks forward to seeing, including many local female artists.

“The artists I’m most excited to see are the local artists, we have so much talent and this platform is the way for them to express themselves musically, we have so many brilliant female DJs and local artists,” he said. she declared.

“It’s very stimulating and inspiring. I think music goes beyond genre, beyond any limitation, including beyond language barriers for us as Saudi artists to finally have a proper professional platform to express our art and our music. It’s something I’m very happy to see, ”she added.

MDLBEAST’s SANDSTORM festival will end on Sunday, December 19 with Swedish DJ Alesso closing the BIG BEAST stage.


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