Rich melodic lines and sounds relaying a heartfelt message: Djnathann releases a new hit single with a compelling theme.


“Matrix” is an alluring new single that contains a mix of extremely catchy electronic tracks and musical styles that get the audience dancing.

Djnathann is an up-and-coming new artist with a knack for producing singles that provide audiences with an engaging musical experience. The varied musical sounds and innovative styles all contribute to the quality of the song which is created in a way never before realized. Songs are formed against the backdrop of compelling musical narratives that situate listeners within the music; making them aware of the final product that is produced.

Djnathann’s pop-electronica track “Matrix” offers listeners an interesting amalgamation of styles and ideas that makes for a listening experience that’s both varied and sonically diverse. Opening with a thrilling electro-ethnic flavored drum beat that is soon accompanied by sprawling ambient synth pads, “Matrix” cleverly takes its time to expand its texture, subtly revealing its various elements one at a time to gradually build its sound. arrangement. This not only allows the track’s incredibly diverse instrumentation to be subtly introduced over time, but also gives the listener more time to soak up the track’s distinct melodic elements as they are introduced. individually.

There is a special dreamlike nature to “Matrix” it certainly fits well with the main theme it explores, due to the ethereal qualities of the track, the message of “What’s real and what’s not?” is felt throughout the music. Whether it’s the atmospheric synth layers and the strong feelings of uncertainty they evoke, the brilliantly offbeat qualities of the more jazzy elements of the track, or the striking use of sound design elements laden with special effects (the reverse-sweep synth moments being a prime example) Djnathann did a really good job of evoking that feeling of being caught in a somewhat perception-altering state of limbo that we need to strive to get out of to better understand what is happening around us.

Alongside the track’s clear devotion to its many melodic-rich ideas, solo guitar work and elegant piano moments at the cutting edge of jazz, for example, the avant-garde vocal performance matches the style of music and can strike a great balance between its subtly expressive nature and more commanding moments.

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Djnathann, a resident of the island of Rhodes in Greece, is a self-taught musician inspired from an early age by Vangelis and Yanni, two famous Greek composers. The musician was a former member of a folk-rock band. After that Djnathann worked as a mobile DJ around the island.

Experimenting with production, the eclectic artist wanted to create his own style and took the first step by forming the original Matrix mix. The songwriter is currently working on a remix with cool guitar sounds and beautiful vocals. The song Matrix relays the message to improve our perception of what is happening around us and not “buy” what the system tells us every day. A simple song about the need for individual critical thinking to inspire a more independent life!







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