Pranay Jha rekindles the love and ethereal romance of yesteryear


“Oh Humnasheen” released by Zee Music under the Universal Entertainments banner on January 24 is a music video depicting a quintessentially simple love story between a boy and a girl in the scenic and breathtaking landscape of Kashmir. Protagonists Pranay and Anjali meet at a hotel in Srinagar and fall in love at first sight. The video is illustrated to a song rendered by the soulful voice of Yaseer Desai. The song will take audiences back to a time of yore when love ruled Bollywood.

Pranay Jha makes her Bollywood debut with this soulful romantic song featuring Anjali Arora. Director Pramod Shashtri’s new song written and composed by Rashid Khan has the essence of 70s romance with a rather contemporary twist. Pranay came on a business trip to the scenic Kashmir valley, falls in love at first sight with Anjali at the hotel. Anjali is an intern at the hotel and takes good care of Pranay. Pranay gets restless whenever Anjali is out of his sight. She captures his imagination and occupies a permanent place in his fantasy. Traversing the serene places of Gulmarg and Srinagar, Pranay and Anjali dance and love each other like an inseparable duo deeply in love with each other. The story takes a poignant turn at the end when it’s time for Pranay to leave. What happens next is sure to melt everyone’s heart.

In a candid chat with Pranay, he acknowledges and thanks producer Pawan Mishra for placing complete faith in his abilities and screen presence by giving him this wonderful opportunity. Pranay also considers himself very lucky and privileged to be part of this wonderful and extremely talented group of artists before he can even step out of his college campus. Pranay is continuing his acting studies at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai. Since childhood, Pranay has always imagined himself dancing and playing.

The son of an IRS officer from Bihar, Pranay spent his life in places like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kodaikanal and Bengaluru, and thus developed a cosmopolitan outlook and taste. Pranay is heavily inspired by the Greek god of Bollywood aka Hrithik Roshan. So it’s no coincidence that Hrithik debuted the same year Pranay was born. He is a fitness freak and a dancer, who is into various types of adventure sports. Apart from acting, Pranay is also a model and did a photoshoot with Dabboo Ratnani. For his age, he seems quite level-headed and composed. He is aware of the challenges ahead. Acting offers a wide canvas but it takes tireless effort to carve out a niche, says Pranay. In that sense, the real fights for him begin now. Nevertheless, he is confident to navigate this difficult terrain, what is called Bollywood, with the support of his family and friends and his ability to overcome all obstacles with his courage and determination.

Pranay has very fond memories of his shoot in Kashmir. He warmly thanks the people of Kashmir for their warmth and great hospitality. He says Kashmir has everything Indian film producers are looking for. It’s not just about the physical landscape, which everyone knows is unparalleled in the whole subcontinent, but more importantly about the people of Kashmir, who are not only extremely beautiful but genuinely warm and loving. Asked about the influence of social media, he says he stayed away from it and instead was busy channeling his energy and time into developing and honing his skills. He is aware of the need in this era to connect and communicate with fans through these media. “I feel like you and the world will always appreciate you,” is the parting shot from her.

The 90s era is back in Bollywood, where the music industry is flooded with singles. Many aspiring singers digitally launch their video songs with upcoming actors. These video songs are well liked by music lovers. With a touch of 70s romance, the next song “Oh Humnasheen” will surely make its way to the hearts of the public.


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