Pacific Ballroom Dance to host a virtual concert on June 20


Pacific Ballroom Dance has been closed since March to honor the Stay Home, Stay Healthy policy put in place by Governor Jay Inslee to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Classes and workshops continued virtually. Even as the students struggled to find a temporary new normal, they mourned the loss of their spring concert.

But at 7 pm on June 20, an undeterred PBD presents “Mosaic,” a ballroom concert broadcast live, for free via the Vimeo platform.

“This is the first time PBD has presented a fully virtual spring concert, but our staff and students have rallied to the challenge of this new medium and created an incredible show,” said PBD Artistic Director Katie Mecham. . “Our concert will feature a collection of dances from each of our training teams. The pieces range from award-winning competition routines to energetic and playful dances, while others dive into their 40s and learn to dance on their own. It will be entertaining, informative and moving.

Dancer Melanie Castro said this concert is special because of all the hard work people have done, especially during the pandemic,

“It was tough because we couldn’t physically finish this year all together, and we had to be home and do it virtually,” said Castro. “I continued with dancing because I know this pandemic won’t last forever, and to be a better dancer I have to keep going, and dancing is where I can really be myself and show who I am.”

“This year the dancing has been difficult because we have to learn the routines through videos and virtual meetings, and we don’t have anyone to show us in person,” said dancer Moya Udd. “But I continued with dancing because I love to dance and I love challenges.”

“The Auburn Performing Arts Center would be lively and busy right now,” said Anne Eugenio, staff member. “It’s really sad to walk past and see the building empty and still. However, I am more than excited about the studio’s innovative concert coming up. I think the audience will love it.

When planning for last fall, Mecham said, she was inspired to build PBD’s upcoming “Mosaic”-themed spring concert, not quite understanding why, she said, but feeling that it would be an idea that she wanted to artistically explore and develop into a show.

“As events have progressed over the past few months, the choice of theme has brought more and more depth and meaning to the idea as we struggle to find a way through our current world events. as an organization, as dancers and as humans, ”Mecham said. noted. “Our lives have become incredibly fragmented and isolated, making it difficult to find a connection and see a way forward. The image of a mosaic, a collection of fractured pieces turned into a work of art, became the symbol of this year’s experience.

“Each of us has been touched differently this year and we have a different story to tell, but when our stories are told through the medium we love the most, dance, they acquire a heightened sense of meaning, connection and of understanding, a beautiful mosaic of dance, ”said Mecham.

Pacific Ballroom Dance began in 1994 as a small local youth club with the aim of providing young teens the chance to develop respectful social skills, self-esteem, fitness and teamwork. In 2003, PBD became a 501-c3 non-profit organization with a mission to build character in young people by providing them with a positive ballroom dance experience.

Today, PBD is a thriving Auburn-based youth dance education studio that annually serves over 1,000 students aged 10-18 from across the Puget Sound area.

For more information, visit, call 253-939-6524 or email [email protected]

Youth Premier dancers attended to film at Saltwater State Park. Pictured: Cora Longhurst.


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