Moscow Greeks organize free public Greek dance classes in Gorky Park

Russians learning to dance sirtaki in Moscow this summer. Photo by iEfimerida

A group called “The Moscow Greeks Association” succeeded this summer in transforming the historic Gorky Park in central Moscow into a huge dance floor, where people learn to dance traditional Greek dances for free.

Every Sunday from June 9 to August 25, Gorky Park comes alive with Greek rhythms and dances, as hundreds of people attend classes in sirtaki, zeibekiko, kalamatiano, tsamiko, hasapiko and many other traditional dances of different parts of Greece.

They have so far learned dances from the Greek islands, the mainland and even the Pontian region.

The organizers were reluctant to go ahead with their idea at first, as they did not believe that the Russian authorities would allow dance classes in one of the most famous parks in Russia.

But permission was granted, much to their surprise, and the dancing began, offering fun and educational classes for anyone who wanted to try and learn the steps of some of the most famous Greek dances.

There are thousands of Greek dances and a great variation among them, depending on the region of Greece you come from. Some of these have deep roots in the ancient past, and Greek dances have even been referenced in the works of authors such as Plato, Aristotle and Plutarch.

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