More art of all types coming to the Rialto Theater


The worlds of art and culture have had a volatile year. The shows were postponed, canceled and then finally relaunched and this fall there was an overflow of performances and creative events. And the Rialto Theater closes the year with another series of cultural events and shows on its stage.

The month of December at Rialto will begin with three performances in Greek, all very different from each other. The Lover, which will take the Rialto stage on December 2, is one of the best-known plays written by Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter. The plot revolves around an apparently married couple, Richard and Sarah, and Sarah’s lover. Yet, as the play evolves, it becomes difficult to know how many characters there are as they alternate, blurring the lines between real and imagined.

The next day’s play is about Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic condition that stems from internet addiction and enhanced virtual reality. The play tells the story of the coming of age of 17-year-old Peta, who loved Cavafy, and Wisham, an immigrant teenager who passionately loved the Quran, the Panathinaikos football club and his cell phone.

The December 4 play pays homage to the life and journey of the great Greek composer Vasilis Tsitsanis, revealing his passion, his romance and the songs he wrote that have marked generations of people. With two performances, one at 5:30 p.m. and the other at 8:30 p.m., this production of the ROI Theater is a heartwarming spectacle combining dance, music and theater.

Then it’s time to dance as the 20th edition of the Cyprus Choreography Platform arrives on December 10, 11 and 12. This annual event dedicated to choreography showcases the work of contemporary dance creators and in this edition, 11 choreographers will present new pieces, while welcoming new works by award-winning choreographers from the latest 2019 and 2020 editions.

December 14 will continue to celebrate dance with a show choreographed by Fotis Nicolaou on the theme of farewell and separation. FAREWELL – A farewell act examines how people say goodbye and deal with the experience of separating from someone, in any way. Are we facing it or is that why we say “goodbye, see you tomorrow, see you soon”?

As Christmas approaches, a few holiday-themed shows will take place. First is a musical for young audiences by Alex Panayi, Stavros Stavrou and Katerina Christofidou, performed alongside the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra on December 18 and 19. In My Snowman, a little girl stays awake on Christmas Eve looking out the window, wondering if her snowman will come to life to become the friend she desperately needs.

December 20 at the theater will be full of Christmas carols and hymns. A concert, a long-standing annual event hosted by the Holy Metropolis of Limassol, will feature traditional Christmas, New Year and Epiphany carols and hymns. With a show at 6.30 p.m. and another at 8.30 p.m., the concert will be a musical journey through local tradition and featuring hymns and Christmas carols from all over the Hellenic world.

Then there is a room that is sure to have spectators sitting on the edge of their seats. Mousetrap is the legendary mysterious murder of Agatha Christie which will be staged by the Dionysos Theater and staged by Christos Yiangou on December 21. This play is also in Greek, following the chilling tales of three women and five men who spend their vacations stranded in a country house, among them a murderer.

The last performance scheduled at the Rialto Theater for 2021 is a multidisciplinary work combining performance, video, installation and anti-surveillance mode. Artist Suzana Phialas presents her new work ANON, an on-going experimental project that examines current issues of monitoring and exploiting big data in the digital world.

December at Rialto

A series of performances, concerts and plays. Throughout the month of December. Rialto Theater, Limassol.


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