Lucy Williams married in an olive grove on an unspoilt Greek island


I found the first month of engagement to be a really stressful time. Everyone is dying to know where, how and when you’re getting married and I had no idea. I had definitely thought about what I didn’t want my marriage to be, I just hadn’t thought about what I did want it to be like. Luckily we had planned a two-week trip to the Greek island of Andros where we could get away from questions and outside pressure (“You need to book groups and photographers at least a year in advance, just FYI”), for some blissful solitude and copious amounts of feta.

During these two weeks, we fell in love with the island. I have long been in love with Greece, but Andros felt very special. Its understated charm, unassuming beach clubs (not a white daybed in sight), incredible hospitality and azure coves have us spellbound. While sipping local wine in the small guest house we were staying at outside Chora, I innocently asked the owner Nelly if she had ever had a wedding there. “No…but I know exactly how we could do it,” she answered with a twinkle in her eye.

And so it happened: a year later, almost to the day, Ruaraidh and I celebrated our wedding in Andros, introducing just over 100 of our friends and family to one of our favorite places. My family never did Mediterranean holidays growing up (my dad is a farmer so summers were spent in Wales), and I loved the idea of ​​our whole family being on a Greek island at the approaching the big day. In fact, many of our guests turned it into a longer trip, spending time in Athens or other islands before or after the wedding. It meant that our families and friends had gotten to know each other by the time the big day arrived. There’s nothing better than two friends who’ve never met before raving about each other. One of my favorite parts of the whole week was randomly bumping into friends having coffee or ice cream in the small town, which was surreal and very special.

I always thought about designing a custom dress for my wedding, but I was designing and renovating an entire house when we got engaged. I no longer had any creative energy. Luckily, I found one I liked by Danielle Frankel while on a trip to New York at a friend’s house. A lot of people told me they could totally imagine what I would wear and that it would be some kind of slip dress (admittedly I love slips on summer vacation), but I found myself wanting something a little more structured with sleeves for the ceremony. I loved the layer of tulle all over the dress and how simple the whole thing was – it was Grecian without looking too “themed”.


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