Local dance studio fights breast cancer during National Ballroom Dance Week


For many of us, it takes a tenacious partner or an act of God to get us on the dance floor. But with hearts bigger than our pride, even the least coordinated of us will do something to help locals fight breast cancer.

This is why local husbands, daughters, wives, sons, grandmothers and grandfathers will come for professional dance lessons to raise funds and raise awareness among those who struggle and survive breast cancer. breast.

To celebrate National Ballroom Dance Week, Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Long Grove will be offering Introductory Dance Lessons for just $ 1 and Introductory Dance Packages for just $ 10 to anyone who wrestles or has survived breast cancer. All proceeds raised from the offers will be donated to a local charity focused on breast cancer awareness. The offer begins at the start of National Ballroom Dance Week (September 20) and lasts until October at their studio located at 342 Old McHenry Road, Long Grove.

“With National Ballroom Dance Week running until October of this year, we thought it made a lot of sense to jump into Breast Cancer Awareness Month by encouraging locals to go out and to dance, ”said Jesse DeSoto, owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio. “We know how important it is for breast cancer survivors to have activities that make them feel whole. National Ballroom Dance Week is therefore a great opportunity to bring them into the dance studio for emotional therapeutic pleasure. “

A recent study from the National Institute of Health found that women battling or recovering from breast cancer who participated in dance therapy found five major benefits. Dance therapy helps them:

* Coping with cancer, treatment and physical symptoms.

* Improve mental well-being, attention and appreciation of self and body.

* Improve the total functioning.

* Return to a normal and better life.

* Participate in shared positive experiences.

Offer begins during National Ballroom Dance Week (September 20-29) and runs throughout October from Breast Cancer Awareness to Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Long Grove located at 342 Old McHenry Road, Long Grove. Everyone is welcome to come and try ballroom dancing, but breast cancer survivors can sign up for introductory dance classes for just $ 1 and introductory dance packages for just $ 10. $.

Offers are available by calling Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Long Grove at (847) 634-1100.


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