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Looking for dance lessons for your family?

One of my favorite memories of my kids as toddlers is how early they started dancing.

On those wobbly little legs where they tumble over and over, you see a little bounce in their stepa wave of arms and a rhythmic nod of the head.

Dance is a powerful art that can start early in a child’s life.

For many, their interest continues as they get older and want to enroll in formal dance lessons to convert those early swings into graceful movements.

But where to start ?

Luckily for Kalamazoo, the community offers a wide variety of dance classes, ranging from 18 months to 18 years old, for boys and girls. These classes provide opportunities for social growth and creative expression.

This guide is packed with options, whether your child’s interest is ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, or modern dance, or something in between. And if you’re looking for more experiences, try our guide to sports and extracurricular activities.

Featured Dance Studios

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The Habitat Performing Arts Center in Kalamazoo

3731 Covington Road, Kalamazoo MI 49001

“The Habitat has amazing classes and choreography, and instructors who are great role models and mentors. My daughter has always been challenged, inspired, and loved. The culture at Habitat is unparalleled.”

The Habitat Performing Arts Center, a dance studio located in Kalamazoo, MI, offers recreational and competitive dances for all ages and offers an adapted dance program for people with disabilities. EVERYONE deserves the chance to discover the love of dance!

Belonging to a particular community fosters humble trust. Dancers can train their bodies anywhere, but the real growth happens in your soul. Growth happens when you feel most like yourself. The Habitat was created to give dancers exactly that. A place to BE themselves, BELONG to a supportive community and BECOME the best dancer they can be.

The PAC, The Habitat’s competitive team, prioritizes a healthy environment first and exquisite dance training second. With an emphasis on innovative choreography and self-expression, competitive dancers are challenged and encouraged to become the best version of themselves, every day.

Academy of Dance and Clothing Arts in Portage

536 Romence Road, Portage MI 49024

“Emily and her staff have proven themselves to be lovely, talented people who genuinely care about the happiness of their students.”

At the Academy of Dance Arts, dancers experience a stimulating environment where everyone shines.

Our staff is full of enthusiastic and skilled individuals who love their dancers and create a classroom where dancers progress each week with a program that is both challenging and exciting.

Dancers will develop friendships, trust and learn what it means to be part of a team. The memories the dancers create at ADA will last forever.

Kalamazoo Ballet in Kalamazoo

316 S Kalamazoo Mall Ste 108, Peregrine Plaza, Kalamazoo MI 49007

“Beyond great content and instruction, students are mentored to encourage others, support fellow dancers, and grow their hearts.”
~ Samantha A

Ballet Kalamazoo is a youth ballet company in downtown Kalamazoo!

Ballet Kalamazoo was created to welcome families from all walks of life and to teach and inspire young dancers while focusing on a high level of classical ballet.

Through ballet we develop strength, determination, commitment, goal setting, discipline, teamwork, artistry, leadership and responsibility. At Ballet Kalamazoo, we prepare dancers to overcome challenges through focus and dedication. Ballet provides you with the tools you need to succeed in anything you dream of doing.

Be the next generation of ballet dancers and make your dream more than a wish!

Learn more:

Western Michigan Dance Center in Portage

6136 S Westnedge Ave, Portage MI 49002

“My daughters have been dancing at WMDC for 5 years. With the love and instruction of their teachers, they have grown into beautiful, confident dancers. We love WMDC and highly recommend them!”
– Stephanie

Our mission at West Michigan Dance Center is to instill a love and passion for dance in each of our dancers, while inspiring self-confidence, discipline, and life skills.

We care deeply about the well-being of our dancers and take an individualized approach to each dancer, as each child has different needs and goals.

It is clear that the skills acquired in dance create success in all aspects of life, and our goal is not just to develop a complete dancer, but to develop an even more complete human being in each of our students.

Wellspring Dance Academy in Kalamazoo

Dance classes

359 S Kalamazoo Mall, Suite 204, Kalamazoo MI 49007

“We enjoy the Wellspring space so much! I’m grateful to have found a place that focuses on having fun dancing and shares my family’s values.”

Wellspring’s dance programs offer unique and captivating dance experiences for all levels. We value community, artistic expression, individual differences and make dance accessible to everyone.

All programs take place in the beautiful Wellspring Theater and are taught by Wellspring Company members and Kalamazoo dance teachers.

Course offers from 3 years old.

Everything about dance lessons for children

Signing up for dance classes can feel overwhelming at first. We’ve rounded up the most frequently asked questions to help your future dancer get started:

At what age do dance lessons start?

Many dance studios offer classes from the age of two, but children can enroll at any age.

When to register for dance lessons?

Most studios open registrations in the spring (May) for the following fall season. Many are staggering enrollment, offering enrollment to existing students first before expanding to all local families.

Where can my child dance without much experience?

Most studios offer both recreational and competitive dance options. Recess would be open to all interested dancers, regardless of experience level.

Will we have to travel for the competitions?

Yes. If your child is registered for a dance competition, travel will be required. We recommend that you confirm travel expectations (locations – national/regional and frequency) before enrolling your child.

How much does it cost to participate in the dance?

For younger dancers, expect around $40 per month for lessons, plus dance attire and recital fees.

As dancers age, they frequently enroll in multiple disciplines (ballet, tap, acro, jazz, etc.), which increases costs. Competitive dancing costs more and would also include travel expenses.

Recitation fees are extra: parents usually have to pay for performance tickets and costumes separately.

What clothes or equipment are needed for the dance?

Dancers would be required to wear a leotard and tights with appropriate footwear for most disciplines and comfortable clothing for hip hop. The dance studio must provide dress requirements upon registration.

Dancers (whether recreational or competitive) will also need special costumes for recitals.

Directory: Kalamazoo Dance Studios + Dance Classes

We rounded more than a dozen locations in Southwest Michigan so your child can spin, kick, twist and dance.

Academy of Dance Arts
536 Romence Road, Suite 109, Portage, MI 49024
School of Dance Ballet Arts
2018 Rambling Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Kalamazoo Ballet
Bernatche Dance School
6722 S Westnedge Ave, Ste B, Portage, MI 49002
Excel Dance Center
6775 WQ Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Momentum Dance Studios
6712 Financial Pkwy, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Mosaic Dance Center
10097 Oakland Drive, Portage, MI 49024
Get moving with Joy Dance Studio
1103 Portage Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Patti Herm School of Dance
719 E Allegan Ave, Otsego, MI 49078
​505 E Kalamazoo Ave, Ste 3, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Ministry of Ballet SMLC
St. Michael’s Lutheran Church and School
7211 Oakland Drive, Portage, MI 49024
The Dance Zone – Paw Paw
28895 Red Arrow Highway, Paw Paw, MI 49079
The Habitat Performing Arts Center
3731 Covington Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Traci Phelps Studios LLC
9975 E M-89, Suite 1, Richland, MI 49083
Trinity Preparation Center
6018 E Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49048
Wellspring Dance Academy
359 S Kalamazoo Mall, Suite 204, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Western Michigan Dance Center
YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo
1001 W Maple St, Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Dance classes


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