GVSU goes viral for classic hip hop dance routine. The routine gains two million views and it goes on


The routine garners nearly two million views on TikTok

Photo by Angela Mulka

Laker’s dance team has won two national championships at the Dance Team Union College Classic National Championships, according to GVSU. A video of the routine has nearly two million views and 280,000 likes on TikTok.

Photo Provided/Brian Vernellis/Grand Valley State University

After adding two national championship trophies to their collection, the Grand Valley State University dance team is going viral for their winning routine on TikTok.

The Laker dance team recreated their winning dance for a TikTok video when they returned to campus after the April contest, according to the university.

The TikTok video has nearly two million views and around 280,000 likes. And, the account of the hit reality show “World of Dance” commented on a fire emoji to which the dance crew replied, “We’re ready when you are!”

Other comments included, “Suddenly I found my pride in being a Michigander” and “The choreographer needs a raise and an award. Ladies, flawless execution!”

The routine was choreographed by The Lab Studios, according to a comment from the Laker Dance Team.

Watch the winning routine below.

The dance team is mostly self-funded, according to a comment from the team’s account on the video.

“We fundraise, find sponsors or pay out of pocket for the opportunities we want and make our team special.”


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