GTK: Mandi Lopez, ballroom dance teacher

Mandi Lopez, with Jasper, her boyfriend, and Ella, their puppy.

Mandi Lopez, owner of The Indigo Ballroom, runs a pop-up dance and yoga studio.

Hometown: Phoenix
Occupation: Owner, The Indigo Ballroom
Maricopan since: 2020
Family: My partner Jasper and I have a beautiful puppy named Ella.
Pets: Ella, my baby, is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
Hobby: Dancing, doing yoga, spending time with my family, exploring and enjoying life
The black beast : Kindness matters
Dream vacation: A life where I feel like I’m on vacation
Like most of Maricopa: Community and natural beauty
Like most of Maricopa: The 347


Delivered: “The four chords”
Movie: “Casablanca”
Actor: Daniel Day Lewis
Song: “Positively the fourth street”
Musician / singer:
Billie Holliday
Food: Pizza
Restaurant: Roots Restaurant
To drink: Oat milk cappuccino
Meal: Anything with tofu
Go: My yoga mat
Quote: “… be nice anyway”, from a poem by Mother Teresa
Words to live: Wherever you are, it’s OK, just do the right thing and have faith.
To joke: When people tell me they are too old to learn to dance or not flexible enough for yoga
Anything else we should know? I run a pop-up style ballroom dance and yoga studio called The Indigo Ballroom by Copa Craze here in Maricopa. We offer weekly group lessons, private lessons and dance evenings! I am passionate about bringing people together and helping to share the joy of dance and yoga with our community. I am a professional instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience. I am so happy to be in Maricopa to share my love with this awesome city!

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