Get rid of excess fat with classical dance


If you’re tired of working out on the treadmill and also don’t like high octane aerobics, but still want to get rid of that extra bulge, try Indian classical dance.

Western dance forms such as ballroom, salsa, and jazz have been known as a way to keep fit for quite some time now, but few people know of traditional dances as a fun replacement for the same.

From Bharatnatyam to Kathak, from Kuchipudi to Odissi, depending on the form, one can burn a large amount of calories and increase mental stimulation.

These forms of ballet dance work as a vigorous workout for the muscles from head to toe by increasing cardiovascular endurance and provide similar results to workouts in gyms except that they help with weight training.

Dancing increases the rate at which the body absorbs oxygen and expels carbon dioxide and other toxins. The best part is, you don’t even think about losing weight doing it.

Mrigank Aggarwal, head of the physiotherapy department at the NGO Tamanna, claims that all forms of dance help increase cardiovascular endurance, which further improves the longevity of the heart and lungs, but classical dance is better for toning up the muscles. lower limbs, thighs and calf muscles. “Like training, classical dances also help keep the body toned. Both give similar results if done regularly. In fact, the Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Odissi dances are better for toning the lower limbs, ”he says.

Bharatnatyam, a classical dance form from Tamil Nadu, involves lightning-fast, slow motion hopping, neck movements, and intricate footwork. The dance form also involves heavy use of the ankles, abdomen, and neck, along with the associated muscles and ligaments that help tone the muscles. These movements reduce the risk of heart disease, help with weight loss, and strengthen the bones and muscles of the legs and hips.

About 10 minutes of Odissi, one of India’s eight classical dance forms, is equivalent to an hour of any other workout. Odissi involves movements of all the legs, upper torso, wrist, neck and feet.

Madhav, CEO of Kanhai Performing Arts Institute (KIPA) and also trainer of Odissi dance forms, understands stretching positions that are beneficial for the body by helping to lose weight. “The Odissi consists in stretching the muscles of the solar plexuses which begin to tone the muscles gradually. You can burn 250 calories by practicing Odissi for an hour, ”says Madhav, a trained Odissi dancer.

He teaches a form of dance as an exercise to lose weight. The form is an amalgamation of Odissi, Jazz and contemporary western dance which is best for the body as a workout. “Even though people learn it and practice it to stay in shape, they must have some interest in ballet. Only then will it give good results and give a glow to the face, ”he adds.

Native to Uttar Pradesh, Kathak requires many breathing exercises and neck movements which are effective in improving vitality and preventing headaches. Like all other classical dances, Kathak movements also help tone the body and improve blood circulation.

Not only do these centuries-old dances help reduce extra fat, they also improve attention and focus. “Unlike gymnastics, classical dance movements require synchronization between the hands and the eyes. This automatically helps to improve attention and concentration, ”explains Mrigank. So get a curvaceous body in the traditional way.

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