Get inspired by Amulya de Gattimela to learn Indian classical dance


Gattimela actress Nisha Ravichandran alias Amulya had put up a photo of her time at the university where she is seen performing an Indian classical dance. Although she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful actresses on television, she surely inspires us to learn some form of Indian classical dance. Speaking of which, here’s why we should practice one.

It teaches us patience

We all live in an age where we seek instant gratification. As everything around us moves at a tremendous pace, we are all caught up in trying to keep up! Practicing a form of classical Indian dance will instantly teach you patience, where you will learn that everything takes time and you have to enjoy the trip while it is at it.

Focus on the present

Classical Indian forms require understanding the mind-body-soul connection. During practice, it will be necessary to be in a specific dance pose for more time than expected. It is normal that you want to move on. However, while learning the form, you will need to stay in this posture. You learn to train your mind to focus on one thing for long periods of time, thus keeping you in the present and aware of that particular moment.

Nisha Ravichandran posts photo of herself performing classic form

Health and flexibility

It not only builds muscle strength, but also helps you learn to breathe better. In terms of flexibility, the dance form will help tone your thighs, arms, torso, etc.


It forces you to go beyond class with your teacher and even practice at home. The idea behind this is to understand your own mind and body. Most importantly, your body learns to coordinate with the rhythms. This is how he instills discipline.

Spiritual growth

Thanks to Indian classical dances, one is able to understand the limits of the body only to help oneself overcome them. It is about communicating “rasa”. For this you will first need to be able to communicate with yourself, which in turn will help you understand yourself better and foster your spiritual growth.

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