From ballet to energy solutions, this entrepreneur has come a long way


Jeyalakshmi Venkatanarayan power solutions company was born out of a crisis, a financial crisis to be precise.

In the early 90s, Jeyalakshmi, a classical dancer by training, was taking dance lessons at home as well as at dance schools and academies. Her husband worked in a granite export factory but his income was insufficient to support the family, especially their two daughters. It was so hard to support herself in India’s Silicon Valley that her husband decided to move back to their hometown of Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. It was then that Jeyalakshmi decided to take control of the situation and look for a business opportunity.

“It all started with a quest to give my daughters a quality education, and I have come a long way. I received no family support when I wanted to start a business. , I would have also easily followed the passion I had for dancing,” says Jeyalakshmi, in an exclusive interaction with SMBStory. The 62-year-old entrepreneur says it’s very important that his loved ones show their support, as it can play a big role in turning his life around.

“I always dreamed of continuing my studies at IIT, but I couldn’t and didn’t want my daughters to go through the same pain. I wanted to give them a quality education. So I decided to stay ( in Bengaluru),” she says.

That decision made all the difference and since then Jeyalakshmi has not looked back, now running a successful business…Power systems of the universe.

Universe Power Systems is a Bengaluru-based company that provides power solutions to customers in sectors including IT, healthcare, government, finance, education and research. The company is a reseller of online UPS (sales, service and rental), batteries, stabilizers, home UPS, diesel generators, server racks, data center projects and air conditioning systems of precision.

Universe Power Systems is an authorized reseller of Vertiv, a global manufacturer of precision power, cooling and infrastructure management systems. It is also a reseller of Cummins, Kirloskar, Amaronand Luminous some products. “We are Vertiv’s only business partner in government, BFSI and many other sectors in India,” says the female entrepreneur.

The birth of the company

When Jeyalakshmi realized she had to step in for her family, she decided to enter the electrical industry. Luckily, she had her education to fall back on – an engineering degree in electronics and telecommunications.

Universe Power Systems was established in 1997. Jeyalakshmi knew that customer acquisition was important in his field. So she kept a list of clients, cold called them, and started the business.

In her early days, she used to call businesses and ask if they needed someone to help them assemble or install cables and wires in their offices. She went to the offices, worked on the installation/assembly and, in return, asked for testimonials for her service.

“These testimonials worked in my favor. I showed them to my (potential) clients, who then developed trust by partnering with me,” she says.

To be a fan of Ratan Tataeager to meet him, Jeyalakshmi first approached Vertiv and then TATA Liebert.

“When I first contacted the company, they asked me several questions about why they should hire me as a reseller, as I had no business experience. All the questions they asked, I failed in almost every one of them but that day, luck favored me and fate had plans for me. They hired me,” says Jeyalakshmi. Testimonials also helped.

One thing led to another, and by 2005 his company, Universe Power Systems, was on solid ground.

To date, the company has served over 6,000 clients across India. Its clientele includes hospitals, hotels, businesses and company apartments.

Jeyalakshmi says running a sole proprietorship has been profitable for her, although she does not disclose the company’s turnover.

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Develop products

In 2021, Universe Power Systems in-house developed a wi-fi router inverter, one of the first in India. It has been patented and will be widely available in the market in August 2022.

The router is able to give a backup of three hours to the wifi, in the event of a power cut. The wifi router is said to be priced at Rs 1,500 and will be available across India through the retail channel.

Jeyalakshmi has also developed IoT-based equipment that will help people track their water and electricity consumption with just a click.


According to the entrepreneur, Universe Power Systems is a smaller player in the large electricity market and the power solutions industry. So the challenge is to scale up. “But challenges bring opportunities and I take every opportunity that comes my way to grow my business,” she says.

Other initiatives

In 2012, Jeyalakshmi rekindled her passion for dance. Today, she choreographs dance performances and directs the Universe Art Foundation to support the community of artists.

Jeyalakshmi also does business consulting for various corporations and MSMEs through his other firm, Business Solutions Universecreated in 2013.

Jeyalakshmi wants to scale her business, expand the in-house product pipeline and go global.


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