Free dance lessons to keep Canberra’s youth connected

Kulture Break supports the youth of Canberra through the creative arts. Photos: provided.

Community, connection and creativity are the three Cs that really matter when it comes to Kulture Break’s core values.

After a long and eventful 2020, Kulture Break says they are more determined than ever to ensure that young people always have a safe and inclusive space in their dance classes. Their mission isn’t just about learning dance moves or singing skills, it’s about community and support to make their students feel empowered.

Since its creation in 2002, Kulture Break’s mission has been to support the youth of Canberra through the creative arts. Founder Francis Owusu says support is more important than ever in 2021.

Culture break

The courses are intended for people from 3 years old to adulthood.

The results of the National Youth Mental Health Survey 2020 reported that half of people aged 12 to 25 were unable to carry out daily activities due to mental health issues, an increase from one in five people in 2018. Headspace CEO Jason Trethowan said the results were “very concerning.”

In response, Kulture Break is making it its top priority to reach as many Canberrans as possible so that anyone who might benefit from their services knows they are there to help them. They know their community offers something more than dance or music. They have seen the results first-hand and therefore are offering free classes throughout the week of February 8-13.

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Ann-Louise Price says her daughter is a different girl after taking classes at Kulture Break.

“Before my daughter started the Ladies 1st program at Kulture Break, she had no self-esteem, no desire to do anything and was heading down the path of no friends and depression.” , said Ann-Louise.

Culture break

Kulture Break provides a safe and inclusive space in their classrooms.

“Everything has changed and I credit the Ladies 1st program as the reason. My daughter loves to dance and previously took other dance lessons, but she was almost intimidated and decided she wasn’t good at nothing.

“She started going to Ladies 1st and now she’s dancing around the house, happy to let me watch. She’s picked up in all of her classes, has a girl group to attend at school and is thrilled to go to Ladies 1st on Wednesdays. She is much more confident.

Kulture Break would like to invite the Canberra community to come meet their team and learn about the programs they offer with free classes throughout the week of February 8-13. Limited places are available. Register for tickets at Brite event.

Dance classes

Kulture Break offers free classes for a week from February 8 to 13.

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