Extensive program of events in Liverpool with free theater performances, music, dance lessons and more


A unique program of events hits Liverpool.

The new community program will slowly reintroduce culture into the lives of clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) people and those who have shielded themselves during the pandemic, as well as those who may have experienced mental health issues, bereavement or even financial difficulties.

The council-funded initiative aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness, promote better well-being and empower residents who have been impacted by Covid-19.

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Activities on offer range from performances on the grounds of nursing homes, cinema screenings for those who have been protected, aerial productions that explore mental health and creative workshops that will allow young cancer patients to mingle with others after periods of isolation.

There will be a range of varied events on offer, including musical activities from the iconic Liverpool Philharmonic, theater performances, dance workshops, craft workshops and more.

Events will be hosted by arts organizations across the city.

Events include:

Community screenings

Cinema Nation CIC will work with local partners in the county district, north of Liverpool, to create a series of online and in-person community screenings for residents who have been isolated throughout the pandemic.

It will provide a safe environment for those taking their first steps in society.

Multi-sensory shows

The Nwoko Arts theater company will produce a 30-minute show consisting of dance, music and mime.

The multi-sensory show will be aimed at residents of the retirement home and will take place inside the house or in its park.

As part of the creative process, the memories and hopes of the nursing home residents will be recorded and used in the final performances.

Air experts on tour

Me Vs Me will see Wired Aerial Theatre, the makers of Bungee Assisted Dance, touring high schools around the city and exploring the subject of mental health.

Based in Liverpool, the air experts also aim to celebrate the resilience of the human spirit.

Musical activities of the Liverpool Philharmonic

A series of high-quality musical activities and events in the legendary concert hall will provide CEV residents with free access to concerts, both in-person and online.

The funding will also enable the creation of drop-in music sessions, Music Mondays, which will allow residents to connect with others and improve their well-being through music.

Sessions run from February 2022 to July 2022.

Theater performances

Altered Scale Theater will create a fun and magical show that explores different ways to express and deal with personal anger and anxiety.

The theater company has established itself through its mastery of storytelling, puppetry and theater, with an emphasis on creating shows for all ages.

The show, called When Another Dragon Roars, is for young people who protect themselves during key stages 1 and 2.

Dance classes

The inclusive and dance development charity Merseyside Dance Initiative will encourage people with Down syndrome to take part in accessible dance classes.

The organization has built an excellent reputation and works with dancers of all ages, abilities, classes and ethnicities with the aim of inspiring the “local community through the power of movement”.

He offers studio classes and residencies, with inclusion at the heart of everything he does.

Creative workshops and courses

The National Museums of Liverpool offers community groups the opportunity to come together and process the events of the past two years through free creative workshops, producing their own ‘museum in a box’.

The workshops led by the Bluecoat Display Center team will see them join forces with the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s Adolescents and Young Adults (TYA) unit, to create a series of bespoke craft workshops at TYA, led by professional local artists and makers for the benefit of young cancer patients.

It aims to provide a supportive environment to grow, share and create and act as a relaxing distraction from treatment that allows young people to feel like themselves again.

dot-art has created online art courses for adults, children and families.

Free Musicians Program

The award-winning LIMF Academy presented Change the story to support musicians on their journey to mental health and well-being.

Aimed at 18-30 year olds, the free program aims to build confidence. It explores how they can move forward with new direction and renewed energy in their careers and personal lives.


DaDaFest will bring people with disabilities together in Liverpool to share their shielding experiences.

By working with artists, their stories will be turned into poetry which will then be discovered via QR codes across the city.

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