Don’t miss your dance lessons: try these 5 virtual dance platforms


One of the most fascinating and rapidly developing areas of technology is augmented reality, which provides the user with an interactive and engaging experience by overlaying computer-generated images over the view of reality, thereby seamlessly integrating the world. physical with a virtual environment. The market for AR applications and platforms is still developing well. At such a time, here’s a look at how AR-based platforms can be used to deliver a thrilling experience, looking at a niche application of technology – virtual dance.

The recreational activity called dancing gets a whole new twist using immersive AR technology. Here are the 5 best platforms where you can experience virtual dance from the comfort of your home.

Dance Reality

Dance Reality is a popular augmented reality based dance app available on the Play Store and the App Store (iOS). The app uses your smartphone’s built-in AR technology to place footprints on the floor in front of you, and you are expected to follow the instructions by placing your feet on the virtual footprints in order to practice basic dance moves. .

The app is an interactive way to practice your pace and lets you control the speed according to your pace. It also lets you pick the music, choose whether you want to lead or follow, and even has options for pair dancing practice. There are a variety of dance forms that you can explore, such as salsa, hip-hop, etc., and you can follow instructional videos from your virtual instructors.

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Dance-Virtual is a Texas-based platform that emphasizes body movement and self-expression. The app merges traditional dance techniques with AR technology to provide a unique self-learning experience. The motivation behind the development of the platform, according to the founders, was to enable people to practice and improve their dance skills, in order to thrive in social interactions. The founders’ observation that people often wouldn’t join physical dance studios due to social anxiety led to the feature called Virtual Studio, which allows users to learn the dance form and enjoy the process. in a virtual environment.

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Dance center

Dance Central was one of the first platforms to integrate AR technology to deliver an immersive dance experience. Although almost a decade old, it remains one of the most popular interactive dance games. It was originally released as a game for the Xbox 360 Kinect and features a variety of story modes, characters, challenges, and songs. Players are given on-screen prompts to guide them as they dance and players must complete the dance step sequence in order to score points and earn stars. The authentic and entertaining nature of the game is one of the main reasons for its popularity and it still has a very large user base.

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Studio Steezy

Steezy Studio is a portable dance studio on your smartphone, which allows you to learn dance step by step, at your own pace. The app includes guided instructions and interactive practices to enable the user to master the fundamentals in order to become a better dancer.

Steezy Studio technology also allows the user to watch instructors from different angles, adjust speed and select background music. The app offers over 600 classes and a wide range of dance forms to choose from: hip-hop, urban, popping, etc. Although not based on AR technology, the app is one of the most popular virtual dance learning platforms for users. and hone their skills at home.

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World Music Avatar

Avatar Musik World is another virtual reality based, augmented reality based dance game that practices your dance moves. The game involves daily missions and also has the option of creating private party rooms for dancing and chatting with up to 12 friends. The app offers multiple choices for background music and features special dance events on occasions like Christmas, Halloween, etc.

The app also offers the possibility to participate in dance challenges with other players around the world. However, some users have reported issues with syncing and device compatibility, so check these details before downloading.

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Virtual dance apps with built-in AR technologies are extremely limited in number and the market potential in this area is huge, especially for people looking for engaging tech platforms during lockdown.

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