Don’t have any plans for Halloween weekend yet? Let this quiz decide for you!


The scary season is officially upon us! It’s time to figure out how you’re going to make the most of your Halloweekend! Take this quiz to see what you should be doing this Halloween.

  1. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
    1. Air heads
    2. Nerds
    3. Snickers
    4. Corn candy
  2. What’s your last minute Halloween costume?
    1. A sexy nurse
    2. Ruth bader ginsburg
    3. Stanford student
    4. The grim Reaper
  3. What’s your favorite fall scent?
    1. Sweet pumpkin with cinnamon
    2. Citrus, sage, delicious crunchy red apples
    3. Toasted marshmallow, smoked vanilla, steaming wood
    4. Cranberry, cinnamon, cedarwood pie
  4. What’s your favorite fall-themed snack at Trader Joe’s?
    1. Pumpkin ice cream
    2. Pumpkin and spice espresso beans
    3. Fall Leaf Tortilla Chips
    4. Spicy Pumpkin Samosas
  5. What kind of trick-or-treater were you as a kid?
    1. The ‘Cool Kid’: You wanted free candy, but you didn’t want to work too hard for it. You didn’t bother to wear a costume. All you needed to go door-to-door was a dusty pillowcase to pick up your candy hordes.
    2. The Try-Out: You’ve planned your Halloween costume months in advance and made sure to make it as spooky as possible. You knocked on every door in your neighborhood, even though the lights were out, and yelled “Trick-or-treat” in the most enthusiastic tone possible, with the biggest smile on your face. You wouldn’t allow yourself to go home until your basket was filled to the brim with candy.
    3. The Easily Tired Kid: After sleight of hand in a few houses, you were already ready to go home. After all, was all that candy really worth it? You’d rather stay indoors and eat freshly baked homemade cookies by the fireside while watching Edward with the silver hands.
    4. The Greedy Kid: Walking around your neighborhood, door-to-door in the cold wasn’t worth it for you unless you had all the good candy, and plenty too. You would ask the nice old lady who hands out chocolate bars if you could get three instead of one. If the house had a bowl of candy outside the door with a sign that said ‘take one’, you would ignore it completely and throw it all in your bag.
  6. What’s your fall fashion staple?
    1. Heavyweight cable knit sweater
    2. Trench coat
    3. Soft button flannel
    4. Wool cardigan
  7. How do you generally decorate for Halloween?
    1. Carve a pumpkin lantern
    2. DIY wreath in fall colors at the door
    3. Make a spooky spider web wall
    4. DIY homemade ghosts
  8. Answers to the quiz
    1. Partying in a fraternity: You are a social butterfly at heart and you want to spend this Halloween weekend at crazy parties with your friends. Gather your best friends, coordinate costumes, snap a bunch of Instagram photos, and head to Greek Row to party on the dance floor.
    2. Study for your mid-term: You are clearly prioritizing your academic pursuits over celebrating Halloween this year. It’s the sad reality that Halloweekend coincides with the mid-season and an unholy amount of projects and documents. Why not spend the night studying instead of going out this year? You’ll save money on purchasing a Halloween costume and can still purchase discounted bags of candy at the store the next day.
    3. Halloween Movie Marathon: You feel festive and ready to embrace the spirit of Halloween, but want to celebrate with something a little more casual and comfortable. How about hosting a movie night with a few close friends? Decorate your living room with aesthetically pleasing carved pumpkins, hang string lights, stock up on your favorite candies, and line up a long selection of Halloween movies to watch for the night!
    4. Visit a haunted house: Your favorite part of Halloween is the element of horror. You like a good jump scare and have your mind scared of a scary clown with a bloody smile and a fake ax in tow. Kids in Halloween costumes don’t do it for you, so head to a haunted house to experience the real scary side of Halloween.

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