“Dancing with the King” helps teach ballroom dancing to young people

Event raises funds to provide ballroom dancing lessons at local schools

TUPELO, Mississippi (WCBI) – Celebrities from across the region lace up their dance shoes and plan a last-minute event that helps teach kids about ballroom dancing and the king of rock and roll.

WCBI’s Allie Martin is part of this year’s “Dancing with the King” and gives us an overview of her routine, and tells us how the event helps young dancers. For about two months now, most Tuesday and Thursday evenings,

I spent an hour or two at Dance Studio in Tupelo, learning a ballroom dance routine to “One Sided Love Affair,” a song from Elvis’ first RCA album.

My professional dance partner is Sara Wood, who has been dancing since the age of 16 and recently became an instructor.

Our dance is a unique swing, with many other styles.

Our first lessons focused on the basics.

“We worked on an underarm turn and an inside turn, go from there and build from that,” said Wood.

My routine will be featured in the celebrity dance competition for “Dancing with the King”. The event, which features ballroom dance routines to songs by Elvis, raises funds to help organize ballroom dancing classes at local schools, such as Plantersville Middle School.

Sara helps teach ballroom dancing in local schools. Learning several routines for “Dancing with the King” is hard work, but Sara says it’s worth it to bring ballroom dancing to the students and watch them develop an interest in the art form.

“It’s showing kids dance who may never have tried it, because” it’s weird. “Then they sort of see it, they get to know us and see that it’s not as strange as it looks. It’s a little different, we don’t usually go up and dance with someone we do. have never seen it before, it helps kids learn to socialize with everyone, ”she said.

The celebrity dance competition is on Friday night.

For more information on the event, visit dancingwiththeking.com.

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