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ANOTHER contemporary, pious laughable Father Columbano Adag, went to his eternal reward. He was an AB classmate in San Beda in the late 1950s. He just died in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, in the impressive Benedictine monastery there.

It used to be said that we are the country with the longest holiday season in the world. Christmas carols by September. So the so-called “Ber” welcome months – September, October, November and December – leading us to the climax of this month of the best and the most beautiful, the season of grace and goodwill and the year to come can bring anyone. But, unfortunately, not in 2020.

In mid-2019, I even heard “Joy to the World” on the car radio, to create a positively tumultuous atmosphere in the middle of the year. (However, for a very long time I didn’t hear anything about childhood favorites like the beloved “Whispering Hope.”)

In this country of revelers, I have not been able to walk since last March; so, i didn’t really get to exercise dance for the first time in 15 years when i turned to this. I’m worried about the countless dance teachers / instructors without any reservations of manyakis (only dance freaks, K?). Guests and DIs may worry about the virus, so it’s not really about liking a partner’s style, but that of the germ owner.

I have a good friend Fil-Am who lives in the United States. He comes and goes. Along with his contemporary classmates, I believe he had to give up his routine with his favorite DI here.

Pleasant. But they all are. My boyfriend is married to a white American who, when my late wife once invited him to dance with us, flatly refused. “Why not?” She said, “Because I’m like the typical white American, when I try to dance I seem to resist arrest.”

Pinoys, Blacks and Latinos are said to have an impressive gift or a natural sense of rhythm denied to Whiteies.

In basketball, it is said that white men cannot jump. That might be true of megastar Larry Bird who played basketball anyway. And NBA imports from Europe, for example, can spin, hover and leap in all directions.

Either way, are we going to stop the virus and the Grinch from stealing our Christmas? We can have a virtual one as we pray that the vaccine will come now and normalize our lives, and focus on Valentine’s Day. In the meantime, how can we help our compatriots to go through a difficult period, a difficult phase of not making money or delihensiya for the noche buena on the 24th and the media noche on the 31st?

BTW, how come Prez Trump got infected, entered Walter Reed Hospital, left a few days later, and resumed his confrontational and irritating interaction with people?

Weird. Paki-eksplika naman nga po.


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