Ballroom Dance Champions performing in Bridgeport


Undefeated Ballroom Champions of the United States Alex Dubovyk and Rickie Taylor will bring their show to the monthly Premier Ballroom event in Bridgeport on September 28. The young couple will fight for the world crown in England in November.

Premier Ballroom / Contributing Photo

Undefeated United States Under-21 champions Alex Dubovyk and RickieTaylor will be featured during the monthly Premier Ballroom dance event at the Holy Trinity Greek Church Community Center in Bridgeport on Saturday night, September 28.

Together as a team only since July 2018, Dubovyk and Taylor won the United States National Championship in Provo, Utah, last March, and followed their triumph there by winning the coveted Emerald Ball in Los Angeles, including included in the over 21 category. The young couple will fight for the world crown in England in November.

Alex, 19, from Ukraine, and Rickie, 18, from Brooklyn, NY, were selected to partner after extensive testing on the West Coast and in New York City. They are coached by former US professional champion Jonathan Wilkins, who calls them the greatest young dancers he has ever coached.

Holy Trinity Greek Church Community Center, 4070 Park Ave., Bridgeport. Saturday evening, September 28. Show time is 9:30 p.m. with general dancing from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. to music by DJ PVS Sound. A dance class will be given to 8. Singles and couples are welcome. $ 20. Free snacks. For reservations, call 203-374-7308.


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