Adult-only dance lessons available throughout NJ


With all due respect to Zumba, Yoga and Pilates fans, for some adults, there is nothing better than taking a formal dance class.

Whether it’s classical ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, salsa, or some other form of ballroom class, some adults yearn for the challenge of receiving corrections and instruction on the ballroom. technical mastery and learning new steps and routines.

But adult-only dance lessons can be a challenge to find in general. Many dance schools do not offer classes only for adults, as a low enrollment rate can mean that the class is not cost effective for the school. During the summer, the challenge of finding these classes can be even greater as many dance studios limit their class offerings or close completely for the summer vacation season.

Schools that continue to offer adult classes during the summer have said they do so because they know they have a loyal following who love to dance as much as possible.

“We have an adults-only class every day of the week and we have a really good group of dedicated adults going there. We have a group of 15 to 20 regulars for ballet lessons and our tap dance students are also very loyal, ”said Nick Mishoe, co-director of the Academy of Dance Arts in Tinton Falls. “The main adult course we offer is ballet and we have had it for about 30 years. It really is a tradition here.

Directors said that knowing they have a loyal following helps because they know that even if attendance is down for a week or two – something they are planning, especially with busy adults, regulars. will eventually come back.

“We offer a combined tap dance and hip-hop course for adults. The enrollment numbers are a little lower than some of our other classes, but these students have really stayed loyal, ”said Nicole Mamary, director of dance, gymnastics and the arts at Somerset Hills YMCA in Basking Ridge. “A lot of students have been with us for maybe three years now.”

And, said program directors and teachers, appointing adults to those classes is part of the call.

“Adults like to learn with other adults. In our classes we can use music that a teenager might not necessarily like, but our adults will appreciate, ”said Daniel Herrera, who offers dance classes for adults as the director of Dreams Dance Studio in Morristown and Randolph. “Kids want more Top 40 music. Adults love the music of their time. If I play Frank Sinatra or something from the ’70s, the kids would look at me like, “What are you doing?” “

And, Mamary added, the adult population means teachers often make adjustments to meet the needs and interests of their students. With the combination of tap dance and hip-hop lessons, for example, Mamary said the teacher would adjust the lesson to meet the interests of the students.

Some days they can focus on learning and perfecting a routine in either discipline, while other days can include time for a mix of tap dancing and hip-hop.

Mishoe, who runs the Academy with his wife Shayne, said there are other differences when it comes to teaching adults as well.

“The state of mind is very different. Adults don’t try to outdo anyone or compete with anyone. They love to move. Some of them may have been dancers in the past. They have different energy and purpose, ”he said. “We have found that if we try to mix teenagers with adults, none of the age groups like it. We therefore keep the adult classes strictly reserved for adults. It’s their time.


Academy of Dance Arts, 70 Apple St., Tinton Falls. 732-842-9262 or – Summer session, ballet and tap dance lessons for adults, from July 11 to August 13.

Dream Dance Studio, 236 S. Salem Street, Randolph. 862-397-3386; and 16 Pine Street, Morristown. 973-998-4262 or – Salsa lessons for adults.

Fully-owned Performing Arts Academy, 6 Paragon Way, Suite 106, Freehold. 732-625-0900 or – Jazz and hip-hop summer session for adults, until August 30, except week of July 12 and August 1.

Monmouth County Park System, Tatum Park Red Hill Activity Center, Red Hill Road, Middletown. 732-842-4000 or – Summer ballroom dance course from July 5 to August 10.

Princeton Ballet School, 301 N. Harrison Street, Princeton. 609-921-7758 or – Ballet lessons for adults during the summer session, until July 28.

Somerset Hills YMCA, 140 Mt. Airy Road, Basking Ridge. 908-766-7898 or – Weekly tap for adults, hip-hop lessons.


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