5 Reasons to Teach Your Child a Classical Indian Dance


5 Reasons to Teach Your Child a Classical Indian Dance

April 07, 2022 at 11:17 a.m.
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Indian classical dance forms are a great way to introduce your child to Indian culture. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Although you may want to teach your child a jazzy dance style, thanks to social media, remember that India has some brilliant dance forms that form the basis of other dances.

Classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi are extremely popular around the world.

If you’re also thinking of enrolling your child in one, here’s why you shouldn’t delay it.

Great way to stay connected to Indian roots

Today, as social media has invaded our lives, children are easily acquainted with a world of western culture.

This is one of the reasons why parents worry that their children cannot connect to their own roots.

Classical dancing is a great way to introduce them to Indian culture and history and help them understand the richness of Indian heritage.

Indian classical dance forms require coordinated movement of different parts of the body.

When children participate in one of these dances, they are regularly exposed to physical training.

Shariq Plasticwala, the founder of a dance academy, says most classical dances work as an exercise for children.

Their bodies also remain flexible, which helps them to engage in more such physical activities in the future.

Improves their focus and concentration

School children need attention and concentration to do well in their studies.

Shariq Plasticwala says, “Children who learn ballet dance forms are more likely to be focused because they regularly train their minds and bodies by learning and memorizing complex dance steps.”

These dances also help improve their memory and sharpen their minds, helping them in other areas of life.

Almost every child who learns ballet at an academy will have the chance to perform on stage.

When a child is exposed to public performances from the start, he will never learn stage fright.

For them, it would be part of their life and they would be comfortable undertaking other activities at school that involve being in front of an audience.

Discipline is an important aspect of learning classical dance forms.

Those who learn such dance forms have to work on their expression, body movements, etc., which is not easy.

Only disciplined learning can lead them to assimilate everything well.

It takes years of practice to master an art, and so devotion to learning builds a lot of discipline in a child’s life.


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