12 Best Shows Like The Sandman You Should Check Out Next


“The Magicians” is an easy follow-up choice because it has all the heart and grimy street magic of “The Sandman,” outspoken attitudes toward sex and love, a great love story or two, as well as roots in classic children’s literature.

This “”Harry Potter” in graduate school” show was a smash hit for Syfy from the start, based on (some would say, improving on) Lev Grossman’s 2009 novel. Queerness, identity, addiction, jealousy, grief and humor are all shining gems in this show, which adores its Narnia references the same way Neil Gaiman’s work loves its own darknesses.

If you’ve been touched by classic issues like “The Sound of Her Wings” or any of the incredibly emotional death scenes we get in “The Sandman,” know that there’s a place for you with “The Sound of Her Wings.” Magicians,” which has a bleeding heart to go along with its alcohol-upset stomach. Whereas Reverse notes that the magic in “The Magicians” is almost entirely finger-based, there’s also a familiar strain of street magic at work here. Hedge witches similar to Mad Hettie from “The Sandman” abound and eventually become a major political force.

If you enjoy “The Sandman’s” greatest magical moments, like a deceptive young Greek witch who brings the Moon back to a city building in “A Game of You” or the high magic of Roderick Burgess, you’ll find plenty to like. in the adventures of “The Magicians”. However, it is the human heart that beats beneath it all, and perhaps some random musical numbersthat you will remember most fondly.


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