10 K-Pop idols whose classical dance backgrounds make them great performers


While most K-pop choreography is based on more hip hop style dance than classical or ballet type movements, it is undeniable that a base in classical dance gives a special grace and power to the movement you have. hard to find elsewhere – and these 10 idols are living proof! Their classic training makes them totally eye-catching on stage, and there is just something special about the way they execute the choreography with fluidity and precision. In no particular order, here are 10 idols whose classic training has definitely paid off.

1. APRIL‘s Rachel

Rachel was added to APRIL’s lineup shortly after the group’s debut, and her amazing dancing skills were definitely a great addition to this talented girl group! She was trained in ballet throughout her childhood and was praised so much for her abilities that she even won dance competitions. The video above might be short, but it’s just a taste of what she can do when it comes to ballet skills!

2. WinWin from NCT / WayV

It is quite well known among NCTzens and WayZenNis that WinWin was trained for many years to be the elite and exclusive Beijing Dance Academy in classical Chinese dance before moving to South Korea to pursue her dreams of become a K-pop idol, but in case you didn’t know – the video really speaks for itself! WinWin’s gorgeous shape and graceful movements are pretty much instant for anyone who enjoys dancing.

3. Lovelyz‘s Yein

She may be Lovelyz’s youngest, but Yein’s dancing skills are no small feat! Her background in the styles of ballet, traditional and modern dance allowed her to perform this breathtaking piece on the “Queendom” stage last year, impressing even the most seasoned stars. His training also shines in the group stages, where his focused movements and delicate lines instantly grab attention.

4. Kang daniel

Former Wanna One member (and now successful soloist) Kang Daniel showed some pretty incredible dancing skills during his time on “Produce 101,” but that’s not all this idol is capable of. His dedication to dance training before his debut is virtually unprecedented, taking classes in all kinds of styles, from ballet to modern to b-boying. Her hard work certainly paid off – all the workouts came together to create a powerful yet precise style all her own.

5.f (x) Victoria

Like WinWin, frontman Victoria of f (x) trained at the Beijing Dance Academy to study traditional Chinese dance before moving to South Korea to begin her idol career. Her extensive training has made her one of the most versatile dancers in the industry, as shown in this video. The combination of hip-hop moves with some of Victoria’s ballet skills makes her a true star even among other professional dancers.


N, the frontman of VIXX, has had an incredibly diverse dance background. The ballet, contemporary and hip-hop influences of his training all make an appearance in his own choreography, lending themselves to his interpretations with power and fluidity. His movements are so exciting that it’s really hard to take your eyes off him when he’s on stage! There is no denying that he is a true multi-talented idol.

7. ELRISis Yukyung

ELRIS’s Yukyung actually started her career as a performer in Korean traditional dance, training for many years throughout her childhood and even winning awards for her prowess. She is now the main dancer of the group, and her training has clearly helped her! She would be the member who learns choreography the fastest, and her graceful dance moves are truly a beauty to watch on stage.

8. EXO‘s Kai

This particular choreography is the perfect example of what makes EXO’s Kai such an incredible dancer – it combines turns and leaps from the world of classical ballet with more precise hip-hop and contemporary movements, taking advantage of the training. Kai’s in-depth look in a multitude of styles. . His dancing skills are well known for a reason, and his mastery of many difficult techniques in different genres is truly amazing.

9. TWICE‘s Mina


TWICE’s Mina studied ballet for a shocking 11 years before her debut as a lead dancer in TWICE, and she clearly has a lot of skill to show for it. Her ability to freestyle her own ballet choreography is pretty impressive in itself, but she has also featured in several special scenes that showcase her magnificent ballet dancing abilities during her idol career. Her delicate yet confident movements are one of her best features as a performer!

ten. BTS‘s Jimin

BTS’s Jimin has always had a certain elegance in his dance on stage, possibly due to his years of training in classical, modern, and contemporary dance (to name a few.) Although his hip-hop skills are undeniable, it really shines in more classically inspired flowing pieces. No matter what he does, the fundamentals of his ballet training always seem to make an appearance (ARMYs will recognize his “first position” ballet feet when he is still!), And his performances are simply breathtaking.

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